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One in ten products in Poundland are no longer priced at £1

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One in ten products in Poundland are no longer priced at £1 as retailer reports boost in sales despite Covid pandemicPoundland reveled one in ten sale products no longer being told at traditional £1 Shifting away fr...

Gesigmaskerwet eindig in Skotland: Coverings are no longer needed

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Gesigmaskerwet eindig in Skotland: Coverings are no longer needed on public transport or indoors – the day after Nicola Sturgeon was reported to police for rule breachFace masks no longer required in indoor public space...

Babies who sleep longer during the night less likely to be OVERWEIGHT

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Even newborns need a good night's sleep! Babies who snooze longer and wake up less throughout the night are less likely to be OVERWEIGHT, study findsExperts led from the Brigham and Women's Hospital studied 300 newbo...

Twitter working on ‘Articlesfeature that lets you post longer tweets

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Say goodbye to the 280 character limit! Twitter is working on a new 'Articles' feature that would let you post much longer tweets, leak claimsTwitter users are currently restricted to tweets of 280 characters Respec...

Motorists will no longer need a Green Card when driving in the EU

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Green Cards for driving in the EU scrapped: British motorists will no longer need the 'confusing' insurance document when using their own cars in EuropeGreen Cards are available to proves that motorists have third pa...

Minister says people struggling with bills can work longer hours

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Fury as minister Rachel Maclean says people struggling with the cost-of-living crisis can work longer hours or get a better paid job to help pay the billsSafeguarding Minister Ms Maclean made the comments in car cra...

How much longer can we tolerate anti-vaxxers? DAVID MELLOR

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How much longer can we tolerate anti-vaxxers clogging up the NHS, asks former health minister DAVID MELLOR Sadly, the pernicious anti-vaxxer movement is helping sustain Covid-19. It’s filling up hospital beds as the ...

ANDREW NEIL: I fear Boris Johnson can’t ‘wing itmuch longer

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ANDREW NEIL: These are serious times that require serious people and I fear Boris Johnson can't 'wing it' much longer Any Tory MPs still left clinging to the notion that Boris Johnson can change — that he can preside...

Giant pandas are NO LONGER endangered, China says

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Giant pandas are NO LONGER endangered, Chinese officials declare after success of conservation effortsGiant pandas removed from China's 'critically endangered' species list Comes after their population in the wild in...

New-born baby who died two days after he was born could lived longer

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Baby boy who died at just two days old could have 'possibly' lived longer if his mother had been given a C-section earlier, geregtelike ondersoek hoor - as hospital apologises and says it 'let the family down'Quinn Lias Parker di...

Why woolly mammoths could have lived THOUSANDS of years longer

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Woolly mammoths could have lived THOUSANDS of years longer if it weren't for humans - and would 'still be around today'Scientists think woolly mammoths could still have been roaming the earth today But human existenc...

Capone oorhandig?

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Capone oorhandig? Capone oorhandig, Capone oorhandig.

Castration could help men to live LONGER, sheep study suggests

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Castration could help men to live LONGER: Removing the testes of male sheep lets them live up to 60 per cent longer by delaying the aging of DNA — and the same principles could apply to humans too, study claimsIt is ...

Politicians live 4.5 years longer than the general public, studie sê

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Politicians live an average of 4.5 years LONGER than the members of the public they represent, study findsResearchers studied health data from 11 countries and over 57,500 politicians On average politicians now live ...

Waterloo is no longer Britain’s busiest railway station after pandemic

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Waterloo is no longer Britain's busiest railway station after Covid pandemic causes commuter numbers to slumpStratford was named as Britain's busiest railway station, displacing Waterloo Waterloo had claimed the top ...

Wil langer leef? Drink ‘up to three cups of coffee each day

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Wil langer leef? Drink up to three cups of coffee each day, scientists say... but make sure it's ground NOT instant!People who drink 0.5 aan 3 cups of coffee per day 12% less likely to die early Moderate coffee dr...