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Belgian fighter jet crashes after pilot loses control on runway

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F16 jet crashes into a building after pilot loses control on runway and ejects during take-off in HollandFighter jet lost control on take-off and smashed into nearby building The pilot was forced to eject to avoid cr...

Ghislaine Maxwell loses bid to let her witnesses hide their identity

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Judge throws out Ghislaine Maxwell's bid to allow witnesses speaking in her favour to testify anonymously at her sex trafficking trialGhislaine Maxwell's request to allow her backers to testify anonymously fails Jud...

Woman loses a TOE after running over her foot with a lawn mower

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Arricciatura delle dita! Gruesome video captures moment a woman accidentally cuts off her own TOE with a lawnmower - before taunting her brother with the 'gross' bloody injuryTikTok user @waltermoe_luke shared video documenting ...

£100,000-a-year lawyer loses harassment case against boss

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High-flying £100,000-a-year lawyer loses harassment case after boss pointed out she was single and childless when he asked her to work abroad as judge slams 'hypersensitivity' where every 'clumsy' remark at work ends...

Lavoratrice di vivaio, 28, loses her sex discrimination claim

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Lavoratrice di vivaio, 28, who was told off for showing too much cleavage loses sex discrimination case because a male colleague with too many undone buttons would also have been disciplined Latika Lawrence, 28, tried to su...

UK socialite loses drivers licence after drink-driving ban at court

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Drink-driving socialite, 24, thought she had sobered up after a 30-minute train journey to collect her BMW - and begs judge not to strip her of her license because she will 'have to use public transport'Kay Holcroft,...

La matricola in arrivo perde la borsa di studio per problemi di vaccino contro il covid

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Studente con sindrome di Guillain-Barre, 18, viene NEGATA l'ammissione alla BYU-Hawaii e perde una borsa di studio di $ 200k per aver rifiutato di ottenere il vaccino COVID dopo che i medici hanno detto che potrebbe peggiorare le sue condizioni A Olivia Sandor è stato negato l'ammissione...

Boies Schiller loses 100 attorneys after advising Harvey Weinstein

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Top law firm Boies Schiller Flexner sees exodus of 100 attorneys after taking on Harvey Weinstein and Elizabeth Holmes as clients: Staff also left furious over son of firm's founder 'caught using n-word'Insiders told...

Novak Djokovic LOSES bronze medal match against Pablo Carreno Busta

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numero mondiale 1 Novak Djokovic LOSES bronze medal match against Spain's Pablo Carreno Busta in three sets as his Olympics ends WITHOUT a medal after he withdraws from mixed doubles through injuryNovak Djokovic lost the fi...

Obese nurse loses 109lbs to better care for her COVID patients

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Infermiera obesa, 35, reveals how she lost a staggering 109LBS so she could take better care of her COVID-19 patients - after fracturing her foot at work amid years-long struggle with her weightMegan Hill, 35, dal Texas,...

Syesha Mercado loses custody of newborn after son is taken away by CPS

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American Idol alum Syesha Mercado loses custody of newborn daughter just five MONTHS after young son is taken away by CPSMercado had her 10-day-old daughter taken away from her during a roadside encounter with sherif...

Vegan blogger who accused CEO of sexual harassment loses claim

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Vegan blogger who accused recruitment firm CEO of sexual harassment after overhearing him call female employee 'sassy minx' loses claim as tribunal rules he didn't understand meaningV&P Global CEO Frank Varela us...

PARLA DELLA CITTÀ: Daisy Ridley perde l'offerta per estendere 1,8 milioni di sterline a casa di Camden

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PARLA DELLA CITTÀ: La Forza ha abbandonato Daisy Ridley? Icona di Guerre stellari, 29, perde l'offerta del permesso di costruire per estendere la sua casa di Camden da 1,8 milioni di sterline I poteri di Daisy Ridley sono in declino? Come Rey Skywalker in Star Wars, prima che lo sposo esortasse gli ospiti a donare denaro per la crisi ucraina David Beckham.

Driver loses control of speedboat and flies OVER a boat in Croatia

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Moment driver loses control of speedboat and flies OVER another boat near a busy beach in CroatiaFootage taken on September 14 in Istria, Croazia, shows a three-boat pile-up Video shows the driver losing control of ...

Sir Benjamin Slade loses battle against paying two employees £26,000

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Judge slams 'malicious and cynical' baronet Sir Benjamin Slade after he LOSES two-year battle to avoid paying £26,000 compensation to two female employees he accused of getting pregnant to 'spite him'Sir Benjamin Sla...

Police officer who claimed he was mocked by colleagues LOSES claim

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Born-again Christian police officer who claimed he was mocked by colleagues who called him 'Father Ted' and told him the Bible is a 'pile of nonsense' LOSES his religious discrimination claimFormer PC Winston Roderic...