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Top mafia attorney recalls defending Las Vegas mobsters

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ESCLUSIVO: 'Dumping a body in a lake isn't a bad way to get rid of someone!' Top Mafia attorney Oscar Goodman whose client inspired Martin Scorsese's Casino recalls defending Las Vegas mobsters after 80s victim is fo...

BRIAN VINER: How the Mafia tried to bury The Godfather

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How the Mafia tried to bury The Godfather - until they were bought off with roles on screen: Fifty years on, BRIAN VINER says the gangster classic is still the best film ever made. But few know the real story behind ...

Italian mafia fugitive spotted on GOOGLE MAPS in Spain after 20 anni

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Italian mafia fugitive is caught after two decades on the run... after he is spotted on GOOGLE STREET VIEW in SpainGioacchino Gammino had been given a life sentence for a 1989 murder in Italy He escaped prison in 200...

Mafia bosses ‘target UEFA referees with bribes of up to £25,000

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Mafia bosses are 'targeting football referees with bribes of up to £25,000' to get them to swing matches, a leaked memo sent to European governing bodies - including the FA - claimsA memo has warned governing bodies ...

‘Kurdish mafiafacilitating dangerous migrant journeys across Europe

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Middle Eastern migrants reveal how 'Kurdish mafia' gangsters in Minsk facilitated their travel across Europe and into France - where they now prepare to make the dangerous Channel crossingMigrants in France say they ...

Inside the life of glamorous mafia wife Anna Genovese

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The mob queen behind the 'King of the Underworld': Inside glam life of mafia wife Anna Genovese - who ran drag clubs, had lesbian affairs, and ratted out her crime boss husband - as Ruth Wilson gets set to tell her t...

Padre britannico arrestato dopo che la polizia olandese pensava che fosse un boss della mafia

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padre inglese, 54, from Liverpool is arrested at gunpoint as bungling Dutch police burst into restaurant and blindfold him after thinking he was an Italian Mafia bossMark L, 54, was ambushed by police at a restauran...

Why the knives are out for the Samurai Mafia

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Why the knives are out for the Samurai Mafia: They sever their own fingers, savage their victims and make billions in illicit business. But as one of Japan's crime gang bosses is sentenced to death, their influence i...

Il boss della mafia 'il professore’ chi ha governato dalla prigione muore in carcere

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Il boss mafioso "il professore" che ha governato dal carcere muore in carcere dopo aver guidato per decenni la camorra napoletana, comandante 10,000 uomini in una sanguinosa guerra degli anni '80 e persino generare un figlio con l'inseminazione artificiale.

Mafia boss’s PANTHER is on loose in Italian town

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Mafia boss's PANTHER is on loose in Italian countryside after 'mobster was inspired by Gomorrah TV show to buy the pet'Police have confirmed a panther is on the loose on the outskirts of Bari, Puglia Authorities warn...

Italian mafia orders ambulance drivers to stop using sirens

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Italian mafia orders ambulance drivers to stop using sirens because they disturb drug dealers who mistake them for policeMafia in Naples ordered medics to stop using sirens while driving ambulance They claim that the...

The story behind the biggest mafia shakedown in Italy since 1986

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The Godfather's boy who is bringing down the Mob: It's the trial that's gripping Italy - hundreds in the dock linked to mafia clan who feed their enemies to pigs. But the most shocking 'crime' in their eyes? L'uomo ...

Huge ‘Ndrangheta mafia trial involving 350 suspects begins in Italy

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Huge 'Ndrangheta mafia trial involving 350 suspects begins in Italy in specially converted courtroom after prosecutor defies threats that he's a 'dead man walking'The suspects include members of mafia as well as the ...

TV star Gary Hollywood: ‘I’ve been betrayed by Ms Brown’s Mafia

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'I've been betrayed by Ms Brown's Mafia': TV star Gary Hollywood, who is suing the show's creator over a bitter pay row, lifts the lid on the 'toxic atmosphere behind the scenes' To its millions of fans, Mrs Brown's ...

Cosa ha ucciso Maradona? Cocaina, feste mafiose e farmaci messi a nudo

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Respingeva la cocaina 'come i Cuba Libres' ed era un regolare alle feste della droga mafiose a Napoli ... La tragica morte di Diego Maradona a 60 era inevitabile dopo una vita passata a spingersi sull'orlo del baratro, nuovo documentario rev ...