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Moment huge landslide downs power lines and destroys historic mansion

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Shocking moment huge landslide downs power lines and destroys historic 122 year-old Brazilian mansion in Unesco World Heritage Site cityA 19th century mansion was destroyed by a landslide in Ouro Petro, a city the so...

Robbie Williams FINALLY sells his £7million countryside mansion

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Robbie Williams FINALLY sells countryside mansion for £6.75million after discovering it was haunted - and agreeing to drop the asking price following 12 years on the marketRobbie priced the mansion at £6.75m – £1.35m...

Inside the £17million mansion where The Apprentice stars are living

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EKSKLUSIEF: Inside the £17million, eight-bedroom 'Billionaires' Row' mansion where The Apprentice stars are living in luxury... with the use of nine bathrooms, a swimming pool, gym and cinema The Apprentice stars are ...

Jamie Oliver wins approval to add three more bedrooms to £3m mansion

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Six bedrooms STILL isn't enough for Jamie Oliver's brood: TV chef wins approval to add three more to his £3million Elizabethan mansion... so what's the father-of-five got planned for 2022?Chef recently revealed he wa...

Historic mansion for sale for just £2.5million

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Historic eight-bed Jacobean mansion that has been owned by same family for more than 450 years and was besieged by Oliver Cromwell's Roundheads during Civil War goes on the market for £2.5millionHistoric estate at Gw...

Bing Crosby’s Rancho Mirage mansion hits the market for $4.5million

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Bing Crosby's sprawling custom-built California mansion - which boasted guests like JFK and Marilyn Monroe - hits the market for $4.5 millionBing Crosby's 6,700-square-foot estate is currently listed for $4.5 miljoen ...

BT-voorsitter wil £3 miljoen in Surrey se huis afstoot en 'n herehuis bou

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EKSKLUSIEF: Voormalige FA-baas en BT-voorsitter van £700 000 per jaar, Adam Crozier, wil sy nuwe Surrey-herehuis van £3 miljoen opstoot en sy droomhuis in die plek daarvan bou, Adam Crozier en vrou Annette het planne ingedien om te stoot..

The Vardys win planning permission for £3m mansion DRESSING ROOM

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Rebekah and Jamie Vardy win planning permission for a DRESSING ROOM as part of two-storey extension at their £3million mansionRebekah and Jamie Vardy have won planning permission for a dressing room It is part of a ...

Massive inferno destroys former Virginia governor Chuck Robb’s mansion

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Massive inferno destroys $3.4million home of former Virginia governor Chuck Robb, 82, and his wife Lynda - daughter of President Lyndon B. Johnson - leaving two injuredA two-alarm fire was reported at mansion owned b...

Katie Price’s fiancé turns her £2m ‘mucky mansioninto car lot

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All the cars she CAN'T drive! Katie Price's fiancé turns her £2m 'mucky mansion' into a second-hand car lot with Range Rover, Mercedes, Beetle and Jag parked out front... despite her road ban over latest driving conv...

Moment armed police stormed £2m country mansion

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Moment armed police stormed £2m country mansion to find alleged murderer's mother in pool of blood with knife wounds so severe they thought she had been blasted with a shotgunSir Richard Sutton, 83, was stabbed to de...

'Kate’ beweer sy het seks met Epstein by Ghislaine Maxwell se herehuis gehad

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Britse vrou 'Kate' beweer sy het seks gehad met Jeffrey Epstein toe sy 'n tiener was by Ghislaine Maxwell se Belgravia-herehuis waarna sy vir haar gesê het 'jy is so 'n goeie meisie' 'n Getuie wat ook die skuilnaam 'Kate' gebruik..

'Kate’ claims she was raped by Epstein at Ghislaine Maxwell’s mansion

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British woman 'Kate' claims she was raped by Epstein when she was a teenager at Ghislaine Maxwell's Belgravia mansion who told her after 'you're such a good girl'A witness using the pseudonym 'Kate' took the stand Mo...

FBI photos reveal inside of Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion

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Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach mansion where accusers claim he sexually assaulted them is revealed: Dozens of FBI photos are submitted into evidence for Ghislaine Maxwell sex trafficking trialProsecutors have su...

Manual used at Epstein’s mansion gives insight into his gilded world

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Staff rulebook for Jeffrey Epstein's House of Sin: 58-page manual for mansion gives an extraordinary insight into his gilded and depraved world... van $100 stuffed in the glovebox of every car to the blue massage to...

Schoolgirl outfits were found at Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion

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Schoolgirl outfits were found at Epstein's New York mansion along with a photo of the financier's underage goddaughter in her underwear that hung outside the Palm Beach bedroom he shared with Ghislaine Maxwell, hof...

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