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Julia Bradbury shares a topless photo ahead of her mastectomy

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'Goodbye left boob': Julia Bradbury shares a topless photo before going for her 'last walk in this body' ahead of her mastectomy amid her breast cancer diagnosisThe TV presenter, 51, covered her left breast with her ...

Julia Bradbury makes final TV appearance ahead of double mastectomy

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'I will see you on the other side': Julia Bradbury makes her final live TV appearance on This Morning ahead of double mastectomy following her breast cancer diagnosisCall the Macmillan Support Line on 0808 808 00 00 ...

Mother with alopecia undergoes preventative double mastectomy

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'All bodies are beautiful': Mother with alopecia who had a preventative double mastectomy proudly shows off her bald head and scars to remind others 'there is no right way to look'Mother-of-one Marisa Kimmel, 27, da ...

Woman says preventative double mastectomy made her ‘strong and brave

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Woman who had a preventative double mastectomy at 33 after watching her grandmother and mom battle breast cancer, and facing TWO scares herself, says surgery made her feel 'strong and brave': 'I beat cancer before it...