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Michelin-starred restaurant hunts two they say ditched £150 bill

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Michelin-starred cheek! Yorkshire restaurant hunts two customers they say left without settling £150 bill...and threatens to call police if they don't pay up by tomorrowMuse in Yarm, North Yorkshire posted images of ...

Did Michelin-starred Simon Martin overcook his CV?

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Did Michelin-starred Simon Martin overcook his CV? Chef faces claims he never worked for Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, didn't know him 'personally' and worked at world famous Noma in Denmark for a year... not threeSimon ...

Historic Michelin-starred pub is destroyed after thatched roof fire

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Historic Michelin-starred pub is destroyed in blaze: One of best known restaurants in north of England is 'reduced to ashes' after fire started in thatched roof of 14th century innThe Star Inn at Harome, in North Yor...

Inside South Place Hotel in London and its Michelin-starred restaurant

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It’s the business! This London hotel looks like an office from the outside, but inside there’s a stunning Michelin-starred restaurant with skyscraper views, funky art and luxury bedroomsTed Thornhill checks into a co...