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Milan 18-storey apartment block goes up in flames

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Milan 18-storey apartment block goes up in flames as emergency services launch search amid fears of people trapped inside15 fire engines were needed to extinguish the fire which took hold at 5:30pm The fire destroyed...

Milan tower blaze evacuees compare the blaze to Grenfell Tower

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Milan tower blaze evacuees compare the fire to Grenfell Tower after building's 'fire-proof' cladding 'melts like butter': Fears 18-storey apartment block could COLLAPSE todayThe fire destroyed the Torre dei Moro buil...

Blogger slams Milan restaurant for giving her a menu without prices

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Argentinian WAG slams 'sexist' high-end restaurant in Milan for handing her a 'blind' menu without prices on the assumption that the man will always payAgustina Gandolfo is the girlfriend of Milan-based footballer La...

Christian Eriksen is ‘stableand sent text to Inter Milan teammates

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'I'm good': Christian Eriksen sent WhatsApp message to his Inter Milan teammates from his Copenhagen hospital bed at 11pm after horrifying on pitch collapse - as Danish FA says star remains 'stable' this morningChris...

Christian Eriksen rischia la conclusione della carriera perché l'Inter deve venderlo

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Christian Eriksen affronta la possibile fine della sua carriera dopo che l'Inter ha annunciato che deve venderlo perché gli è stato vietato di giocare in Italia con un defibrillatore impiantato a seguito del suo arresto cardiaco a Euro 202...