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Gen-Z workers terrify their millennial bosses with woke demands

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Gen Z workers are terrifying millennial bosses with woke demands: Junior at vibrator startup called boss on weekend to demand BLM support while others assign tasks to their bosses, and demand PTO for 'anxiety'Born be...

How Gen Z green became the new millennial pink

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Alexandra ha condiviso le foto dei tovaglioli e delle federe cuciti a mano con le bambole russe, 'Gen Z Green' is THE hot colour: Iris Law and Kylie Jenner lead the trend-setters loving the statement hue that's everywhere from kitchens to beauty products Millennial pink has been replac...

Millennial money vlogger says finance is often a ‘super judgytopic

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«È qualcosa di pericoloso, 29, who gives millennials advice on how to save money defends splashing her cash on 'silly' things like a £150-a-month gym membership and £450 Dyson Airwrap, claiming finance shouldn't be such a 'judgey' top...