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Mark Milley says Al Qaeda, ISIS could be ‘reconstitutedin SIX MONTHS

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Mark Milley says Al Qaeda and ISIS could be 'reconstituted' in SIX MONTHS and the US is talking to the Taliban every day to try and get remaining US citizens outMillley said that Al Qaeda and ISIS could build a prese...

Milley REJECTS Tom Cotton’s suggestion he should have stepped down

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'I'm not going to resign, no way': Gen Milley REJECTS Tom Cotton's suggestion he should step down after Biden 'ignored' his advice to keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan and said he 'presented options' to keep Bagram op...

Milley tells Congress US credibility has been ‘damagedby Afghan exit

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General Milley and McKenzie BOTH advised Biden to keep 2500 US troops in Afghanistan to avoid Taliban takeover but were ignored: Joint Chiefs chair tells Congress botched withdrawal has damaged America's credibilityC...

Milley confirms he DID have calls with China after bombshell report

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Biden says he has 'complete confidence' in Joint Chiefs chairman Milley despite him admitting he DID call China and lectured his staff on nukes protocol - but denies he broke the law: Veterans demand he resignPreside...

Milley swore top officials to ‘oathamid Trump fears after Jan. 6

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Gen.. Mark Milley took secret action to secure nukes from 'unstable' Trump after he lost the election and called China's top military leader to reassure the country Trump would not attack in desperate bid to stay in o...

Milley insists he never saw anything indicating Kabul

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General Mark Milley claims 'there's nothing I or anyone else saw that indicated a collapse of the Afghan government in 11 days': Blames intelligence services'Intelligence clearly indicated multiple scenarios,' Milley...

Trump: Milley should be ‘COURT-MARTIALEDfor saying he feared a coup

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Trump says Joint Chiefs chairman Mark Milley should be 'COURT-MARTIALED and tried' for claiming he was worried about a 'coup' after the election and calls him a 'general who didn't have a clue'Former President Donald...

Mark Milley feared Trump would start war with Iran to stay in power

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Joint Chiefs chairman Mark Milley 'feared Trump would start military conflict with Iran to stay in power': Top general warned 'if you do this, you're gonna have a f***ing war' when lame duck president suggested a mis...