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Pocket dynamo set to become Italy’s first female Prime Minister

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Pocket dynamo set to become Italy's first female Prime Minister: She is loathed by the Left, but Giorgia Meloni's tough line on immigration has made her favourite to lead a new Right-wing coalition in Rome She bounces...

Jackie Weaver ‘auditionsto be Prime Minister on new Channel 4 show

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Spoken with authority! Parish council clerk turned online icon Jackie Weaver unleashes on Meghan Markle, Liz Truss and Boris Johnson as she 'auditions to be Prime Minister' for new TV show Jackie Weaver is in full flo...

Church minister who gave thanksgiving for Queen starred in 90s comedy

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Revealed: Church minister who delivered first official service of thanksgiving for the Queen starred in 1990s television comedy hit Absolutely FabulousRev Calum MacLeod played vicar to officiate wedding of Saffy in co...

Camp Truss fear Michael Gove is plotting against new Prime Minister

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Camp Truss fear 'snake' Michael Gove is ALREADY plotting against the new Prime Minister - after he is spotted dining at Fortnum's with leadership rival Kemi BadenochMichael Gove and Kemi Badenoch were seen having lunc...

Minister reveals 250,000 managed to see the Queen in Westminster Hall

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Minister reveals around 250,000 people managed to pay their respects to the Queen at Westminster Hall - with heavy security blamed for hold-ups and swipes that figure of 320,000 for Churchill's lying in state was infl...