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Ministers scramble to defuse fury over government work from home plans

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Ministers insist working from home WON'T be the 'default' after pandemic and firms will be able to decide for themselves as No10 hails 'clear benefits' of going back to officesFears proposed change could make it impo...

Ministers warn BBC on ‘we know bestattitude after Martin Bashir row

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Ministers warn BBC over 'we know best' attitude saying corporation must 'act fast to restore trust' after Martin Bashir scandalGovernment response to MPs has warned the BBC over 'we know best' attitude Response insis...

Loss-making Channel 4 ‘is to be sold off by ministers next year

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Loss-making Channel 4 'is to be sold off by ministers next year': Broadcaster could be lined up for privatisation as Netflix era transforms the TV marketChannel 4 could be lined up for privatisation as early as next ...

Ministers slate ‘diminishedJohn Bercow as ex-Speaker attacks PM

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Ministers slate 'diminished' John Bercow as ex-Speaker announces he is joining Labour with vicious attack on Boris Johnson's 'nodding acquaintance with the truth' and 'nationalistic and xenophobic' government (but de...

All Covid rules ‘to be lifted in England by July 19’, ministers hoop

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England 'will lift all Covid rules including masks, social distancing and work-from-home guidance on July 19' as country moves closer to herd immunity despite cases rising to four-month high of 11,625Figures show dai...

Ministers het aangemoedig om die sluiting vroeg te beëindig nadat 'bemoedigend’ Covid data

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Vryheid KAN op Julie kom 5: Ministers word onder druk geplaas om die sluitingstene twee weke vroeg te beëindig nadat hulle 'bemoedigende' gegewens oor ons Covid-stryd gehad het. Die voormalige kabinetsminister Liam Fox het die regering gedruk om die res te verlig..

Ministers prepare to add Malta and Ibiza to travel ‘green list

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Ticket to nowhere? Ministers prepare to add Malta and Ibiza to travel 'green list' amid Cabinet row over dropping 'amber list' rules for double-jabbed - but Merkel shuts the door on EU holidays saying Brits should qu...

Kanaal 4 boss questions ministers‘logicin privatising broadcaster

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Kanaal 4 boss questions ministers' 'logic' in privatising public broadcaster under 'levelling up' plan to stimulate growth outside when it already spends 50% of its funding outside the capitalGovernment is to launch...

Matt Hancock ‘het Gina Coladangelo na G7-ministers van gesondheid geneem’ beraad’

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Matt Hancock 'het Gina Coladangelo na die G7-minister se gesondheidsberaad in Oxford geneem' vier weke na hul berugte kantoorsoentjie Matt Hancock, 42, bedank oor die verfilming van hul assistent Gina Coladangelo, 43 Vriende stel voor ...

Minister’s despair at plan to free double killer Colin Pitchfork

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My despair at plan to free double killer: Justice Secretary Robert Buckland slams move to release child murderer Colin Pitchfork and pledges to ask Parole Board to reconsider its decisionParole Board ruled Colin Pitc...

Ministers prepare to let homeowners build roof terraces

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Planning rules pruned for roof gardens: High-level greenery could become next big thing as ministers prepare to let homeowners build terraces on top of their propertyMinisters will make it easier to get permission to...

Ministers demand ‘urgent sweepof offices after Hancock CCTV leak

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Ministers demand an 'urgent sweep of all high-level government offices' to see if they're being filmed as MI5 'will discuss the leak of Matt Hancock CCTV footage with the Cabinet Office'Cabinet ministers have demande...

Ministers defend Boris Johnson over failure to sack Matt Hancock

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Cabinet ministers rally to defend Boris Johnson over his failure to sack Matt Hancock as Jacob Rees-Mogg says loyalty is the PM's 'great strength' and premiers 'do better' if they don’t respond 'all the time' to 'pol...

Euro 2020: Ministers all don football team colours for cabinet meeting

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Ukraine's government gets shirty over the football: Ministers all don team colours for cabinet meeting to celebrate win over Sweden and set up Euro 2020 clash with EnglandUkrainian ministers wore the national footbal...

Ministers reject Tory pleas to stop publishing daily Covid stats

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Cabinet ministers reject pleas from Tory MPs to stop publishing daily Covid infection statistics as they claim it would make them ‘look dodgy’ after critics say the numbers ‘drive fear'Tory MPs called on Government t...

Ministers look at increasing NHS free prescription age

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No more free prescriptions until you're 66: Patients face paying for medication past the current age limit of 60 under new proposal to boost income after Covid pandemicThe free NHS prescription age could soon rise by...

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