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Sony to launch a new mobility division to explore entering EV market

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Is Sony going to make electric cars? Electronics giant unveils Vision-S 02 concept and launches new division to explore entering the vehicle marketVision-S O2 is the second EV Sony has revealed following 2020 Vision-...

Heartless thieves steal mobility scooter from cerebral palsy sufferer

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Moment heartless thieves steal mobility scooter from cerebral palsy sufferer's front garden as their distressed victim, 51, says 'I've lost part of my independence'Thieves stole a mobility scooter from Andrew, 51, fr ...

VIDEO: Mobility scooter driver blocks busy street waiting for chips

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Risking a battering! Mobility scooter rider ignores angry drivers and sits in the middle of a Manchester street demanding fish and chips are brought out to himA man on a mobility scooter blocked a busy street for fiv...

Thug who killed pensioner by setting mobility scooter ablight jailed

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Fire obsessed thug who killed pensioner by setting his mobility scooter ablaze outside his home is jailedRichard Newing, 43, killed Malcolm Turner, 69, at his home in Foleshill, Coventry He lay paper on top of Mr Tur...