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Ex-glamour model charged in Dubai money laundering operation

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Joe Calzaghe's glamour model ex, 43, is charged by detectives from 'Britain's FBI' accused of being a 'cash carrier' smuggling millions of pounds in criminal cash out of the UK to DubaiFormer glamour model Jo Emma Lar...

Could my children’s money towards bungalow be taken in care fees?

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My children both gave me £80k to buy a retirement bungalow but they can't be listed as joint owners – could their money be taken in care fees? My children have both put £80,000 into the purchase of my retirement bunga...

Luxury homes that have been bought with ‘dirty moneycould be seized

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Clampdown on oligarch mansions: Luxury homes that have been bought with 'dirty money' in the wealthiest parts of London could be seized and transformed into affordable housingWestminster is examining use of compulsory...