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Alcohol WILL be allowed to advertised at next month’s World Cup

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Alcohol WILL be allowed to be advertised at the World Cup with drinking rules set to be relaxed for visiting fans at the tournament in Qatar starting next monthAlcohol brands will be allowed to advertise at next month...

Hypnotherapist who sexually assaulted client is jailed 29 months

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Hypnotherapist, 58, who placed a woman under a trance then 'commanded' her to take her clothes off before sexually assaulting her is jailed for 29 monthsHypnotherapist Ian Roper, 58, was sentenced to 29 months impriso...

McDonald’s reopens branches in Ukraine seven months after invasion

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McChicken Kyiv, anyone? Hungry Ukrainians queue at McDonald's restaurants as fast-food chain reopens branches in war-torn country seven months after Putin's invasionMcDonald's reopened some of its restaurants in Ukrai...

Thai man had metal ring stuck on his penis for FOUR MONTHS

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Thai man who had metal ring stuck on his penis for FOUR MONTHS in failed bid to make it bigger finally has it removed by doctors after suffering unbearable painThe unnamed 35-year-old hoped it would make his genitals ...

Union boss: Rail strikes may go on for months

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Rail strikes may go on for months as workers are 'in it for the long haul', union boss saysStrike by staff at 13 rail companies yesterday came after Saturday mass walkouts Around 9,000 union members staged action over...