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The West is facing a new Cuban missile crisis, Moscow warns

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The West is facing a new Cuban missile crisis unless it caves in to Putin over his NATO demands 'here and now', Moscow warns as Putin stages fresh war gamesDeputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov made ominous comparis...

Gunman kills two people after he was asked to put a mask on in Moscow

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Gunman kills two people and wounds four after he was asked to put a mask on in Moscow public services buildingMoscow resident Sergei Glazov, 45, opened fire with 'combat pistol' on Tuesday He killed two people and w...

Moscow goes into an 11-day lockdown after Russia records 1,159 sterftes

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Moscow begins ANOTHER 11-day Covid lockdown after Russia reports a record 1,159 deaths in 24 hours with only 32% fully jabbedAuthorities have shut down non-essential services in Moscow until November 7 Only shops sel...

Moscow announces 11-day lockdown after record 1,036 Covidsterftes

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Moscow announces 11-day lockdown with restaurants, bars and non-essential shops shutting after Russia sees record day of 1,036 Covid deathsRussian capital Moscow will go into lockdown from October 28 to November 7 Re...

VIDEO: Moskou vrou beland in 'n rivier in dramatiese 'trust fall fail’

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Verkeerde manier! Die vertroue van die paar misluk op skouspelagtige wyse as die meisie vorentoe in 'n stroom kantel. 'N Vrou van Moskou het saam met 'n vriend by 'n stroom gestaan ​​om 'n' trust fall 'te probeer. Haar vriend staan ​​agter haar gereed om te vang ...

Daughters of Kremlin’s ultra-rich debut at 18th Vienna Ball in Moscow

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Daughters of Kremlin's ultra-rich elite debut at 18th Vienna Ball in Moscow - a stepping stone to life at the top of Russian societyHundreds of Russian socialites debuted at the 18th Vienna Charity Ball in Gostiny Dv...

Alexei Navalny appears in court by video link in Moscow

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Alexei Navalny says he has been denied one-on-one meeting with his lawyer as he appears in court after his brother and other top allies were rounded up by Russian policeNavalny appeared in court by video-link in an a...

Alexei Navalny arrested as he lands back in Moscow

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Putin's fiercest critic Alexei Navalny kisses his wife goodbye as he is detained by Russian police on arrival back in Moscow five months after he was nearly killed by Novichok poisoningKremlin opponent Alexei Navalny...

Notorious British traitor George Blake dies in Moscow aged 98

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Notorious British traitor George Blake who claimed to have betrayed 600 agents to the Russians as a double agent during the Cold War dies in Moscow aged 98George Blake died aged 98 in Moscow, Russian foreign intellig...