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Immigration protester gets tackled in front of Jill Biden’s motorcade

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A Secret Service agent tackles immigration protester who tried to run in front of Jill Biden's motorcade during her National Hispanic Heritage Month tour of Chicago that included a stop with Mayor Lori LightfootA Sec...

Joe Biden flashed by naked man as motorcade drives to COP26

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Joe Biden is flashed by large, naked Scottish man as president's motorcade drives past his house to COP26 in GlasgowPresident Joe Biden was travelling from Edinburgh to COP26 in Glasgow Naked man stood in his front ...

Biden tours with large motorcade ahead UN Climate Change Conference

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What a load of hot air! Joe Biden is blasted for making 10,000 mile return trip that'll generate 2.2 MILLION pounds of carbon to attend CLIMATE CHANGE summit in Scotland after president was snapped in gas-guzzling 85...