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PM tells Israel she’ll ‘considermoving British embassy to Jerusalem

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Liz Truss tells Israel she is 'considering' moving British embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as PM mulls major foreign policy shift to copy Donald Trump's controversial action as US presidentLiz Truss tells Israel sh...

David Beckham shares moving tribute to The Queen following her funeral

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'Her legacy of service and devotion to duty will endure': David Beckham leads his family sharing moving tributes to The Queen following her funeral - after waiting 13 hours to see Her Majesty lie in state David Beckha...

A last lament for The Queen: Monarch’s bagpiper plays moving rendition

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A last lament for The Queen: Monarch's personal bagpiper plays moving lone song as her coffin is lowered into the vault at St George’s Chapel in WindsorPipe Major Paul Burns played a moving rendition while a tearful K...