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Moment robber wheels double amputee out of hospital before mugging him

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Moment robber, 29, posed as a good Samaritan to wheel a double amputee, 67, outside a hospital before mugging him and ramming his wheelchair into a wallLiam Dallimore stole the bank card of George McEwan-Jones outsid...

Mugging victim claims Met officer asked her out while taking statement

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Female mugging victim claims 'flirtatious' Met Police officer told her he was 'as determined in his pursuit of criminals as he was of beautiful women' and asked her on a DATE while taking her statementFemale mugging ...

Thug hid in an Gravesend alleyway before mugging woman in her 60s

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Moment thug hides in an alleyway before pouncing on a woman in her 60s and mugging her - as he is jailed for nearly four yearsJaroslav Gabor, 23, dragged his victim to the ground after stealing her handbag CCTV foota...

Teen mugging suspect turned in by mom who recognized him in video

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Teen suspect who 'knocked over an elderly woman while trying to steal her purse' is turned in by his MOM who recognized him in video stills and told cops she 'did not raise him like that'Police in St Paul, Minnesota ...

Disabled mugging victim Alan Barnes, 73, moves house for a SIXTH time

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Disabled mugging victim Alan Barnes, 73, moves house for a SIXTH time - and reveals he no longer speaks to the beautician who raised £300,000 to help him buy his first homeAlan Barnes, 73, became well-known after he ...