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‘Mummy needs wineculture hides the dangerous true cost of drinking

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Why 'mommy needs wine' culture is toxic: Author says 'drunk middle-class white mothers' are seen as 'harmless fun' because of white privilege - while women of color are 'judged' and reported to social servicesDrinkin...

Bitter price of yummy mummy anti-vaxx mob amid resurgence in Polio

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Bitter price of yummy mummy mob: Vaccines are the crucial barrier against the scourge of polio - but since the advent of Covid, anti-vaxx zealots have been able to exert a disturbing influence, writes Prof HUGH PENNI...

Egyptian mummy casts doubt on timelines of mummification techniques

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Discovery of high ranking nobleman's mummy shows Ancient Egyptians were carrying out mummifications 1,000 years earlier than previously thought, scientists sayThe embalmed corpse of 'Khuwy' the nobleman was found in ...

Four-year-old ancient Egyptian mummy had a dressed, pus-filled wound

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Meet the child mummy with a dressed WOUND: Scientists uncover the remains of a four-year-old girl buried in Egypt 2,000 years ago with a bandage covering a pus-filled cut on her legExperts believe infections were lik...

Gallstone of 400-year-old mummy used to reconstruct E. coli genome

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Gallstone extracted from the mummified body of a 16th Century Italian prince is used to reconstruct the first ancient genome of E. 'Die kwaliteit van die swemwaters in Engeland het die afgelope tyd aansienlik verbeter - showing how the notorious superbug has evolved over 400 yearsScientists have m...

How gorilla was rejected at birthuntil another mummy stepped in

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Will you-oo-oo be my mum? How gorilla was rejected at birth and taken in by Bristol zoo keepers... tot, magically, another mummy stepped inKera was chosen by zoo staff to become one-year-old Hasani's surrogate moth...

Meet Shep-en-Isis: Scientists reconstruct the face of a female mummy

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Meet Shep-en-Isis: Scientists reconstruct the face of a female mummy who died 2,600 jare terug, revealing she was 'probably a beautiful young lady' despite having a set of protruding teethResearchers have created an a...

Mother loses 6st after her son, 5, vir haar gesê: ‘Mamma, you’re fat

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Single mother loses 6st and drops five dress sizes in less than a YEAR after her son, 5, tells her: 'Mummy, you're fat'Nicola Boswell, from Yateley, Hampshire, weighed 15st 5lbs at her heaviest Her son Jameson, now f...

Mother who was fed up with her size 22 frame has £8k ‘mummy makeover

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Mother who was fed up with her size 22 frame is unrecognisable after jetting to Turkey for a £8,000 'mummy makeover' including a gastric bypass, tummy tuck, breast lift and implantsKayleigh Baldwin-Wilkinson, 28, was...