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Muslim trainee taunted as ‘P*** Rambo’, il processo ascolta

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Corporal racially taunted Muslim trainee soldier, 20, by calling him 'P*** Rambo' and 'carpet rider' while another trainer learned Arabic to call his mother a whore in his first language, trial hearsRifleman Kasem Sa...

Teacher suspended in France for racist remarks towards Muslim students

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Teacher is suspended in France and now fears becoming 'the next Samuel Paty' after sparking row in class by saying Muslim students were 'a problem' in Catholic schoolsThe teacher was suspended yesterday by Joseph-Wre...

La scuola si scusa dopo che il video mostra gli alunni musulmani che pregano fuori

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La scuola si scusa perché il video che mostra studenti musulmani che pregano fuori quando fa freddo "dopo che l'insegnante ha detto che non potevano pregare in classe" suscita indignazione..

Issa brothers unveil plans for Europe’s biggest Muslim cemetery

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Billionaire Issa brothers who bought Asda for £6.8bn unveil plans for Europe's biggest Muslim cemetery in BlackburnBillionaire Issa brothers have won planning consent for a £5 million mosque The mass site will inclu...

Two thirds of French believe Muslim migration is a threat

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Two thirds of French people believe white Christians are 'threatened with extinction' by Muslim migration, new poll showsPoll quizzed French people on the concept of a 'Great Replacement' of white, Christian populati...

Jennifer Gates e Nayel Nassar si sposano in una cerimonia segreta musulmana

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ESCLUSIVO: Jennifer Gates e il fidanzato milionario equestre Nayel Nassar si sono sposati segretamente in un matrimonio musulmano IERI: Will walk down aisle today for SECOND civil ceremony with both parents and Coldplay will perfor...

Bashir ha chiesto a Imran Khan se "si vergognava di essere musulmano"’ dopo 9/11

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L'insulto "scioccante" di Martin Bashir all'eroe del cricket Imran Khan: Il giornalista della BBC ha chiesto alla leggenda dello sport se si fosse "vergognato di essere un musulmano" dopo il 9/11 attacchi terroristiciLa leggenda del cricket si è detto "scioccato" dalla domanda...

Muslim convert was flagged as radicalised before bow rampage in Norway

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Nella foto: Muslim convert accused of slaying five people in Norwegian bow-and-arrow 'terror attack': 'Killer' had been flagged for radicalisation and had restraining order after threatening his father with a gunEspen ...

Muslim man wins harassment claim after boss told him ‘Allah is devil

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Muslim car salesman wins £3,000 religious harassment claim after his boss told him 'Allah is the devil' then did a loud fart as he apologisedTemitayo Ajala said manager was told to apologise but 'farted' and then 'gi...

Muslim teacher faces jail for running illegal Islamic private school

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Muslim head teacher, 40, faces jail for running illegal £2,000-a-year Islamic private school that did not promote British valuesNadia and Arshad Ali deny institution they run in Streatham is a full-time 'school' The ...

Shiite Muslim men cut their heads with SWORDS as they mark Ashura

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Shiite Muslim men cut their heads with SWORDS as they take part in bloodletting mourning rituals to mark the holy day of AshuraGRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING Photos taken in Iraq's central holy shrine city Najaf show Shiite...

Muslim daughter, 19, e suo padre, 52, poke fun at relationship

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Muslim daughter, 19, and her beer and bacon-loving father, 52, who fell out when she converted to Islam have now amassed 50,000 TikTok followers by poking fun at their relationshipLeena Brookes, 19, from Sheffield co...

Solicitor who told Muslim to go back to Afghanistan is struck off

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Solicitor, 61, who blamed 'wokeism' when hauled before governing body for telling Muslim colleague woman to go back to Afghanistan and saying 'Belgians made the Congo civil' at lawyers' function is struck offVictor S...

Ofsted finds book in Muslim school calling for gay people to be killed

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Independent Islamic boarding school in Yorkshire fails its Ofsted inspection after book calling for gay people to be executed was found in its library Islam on Homosexuality was found at Institute of Islamic Educatio...

Muslim backlash leaves Keir Starmer facing new Red Wall humiliation

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Muslim backlash leaves Keir Starmer facing new Red Wall humiliation that could end his Labour leadershipHe faces a backlash from Muslim communities in Labour-held Batley and Spen Even his wife Victoria's Jewish herit...

Muslim receptionist who sued NHS has case dismissed

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Muslim receptionist who sued NHS over claims she was mocked for refusing to sign colleague's birthday card on religious grounds has case dismissedSamira Duhulow claimed she faced discrimination for not signing birthd...