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Meet the ‘boho yoga mumswho are spreading dangerous anti-vaxx myths

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A 'psychotherapeutic counsellor' from the Netherlands and a 'declutterer' who supports Extinction Rebellion... Meet the 'boho yoga mums' who are spreading dangerous anti-vaxx myths onlineVaccine sceptic groups are no...

Fitness star debunks three diet and exercise myths to stop believing

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Super fit mum-of-two debunks the THREE biggest nutrition and weight loss myths - and why weight loss ISN'T just about eating fewer caloriesFitness star, Stephanie Sanzo, debunked three common weight loss myths The pe...

The five skincare myths that are destroying your skin

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The five skincare myths that are destroying your skin - and why you shouldn't buy a product with the most active ingredients Lab Muffin beauty scientist Michelle reveals the five top bad skincare myths From needing ...

Common energy-saving myths: Are they fact or fiction?

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From painting radiators black to cling-filming the windows: Common energy-saving myths revealed - but are they fact or fiction?Many households across the UK have their own energy saving tips Some are not so effectiv...

Expert Tim Maltin debunks myths of the Titanic in new documentary

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Expert debunks myths of the Titanic: Historian insists in new documentary that Captain Smith wasn't reckless, the ship was not poorly built and third class passengers WEREN'T locked below deck as it sankHistory Hit's...

Social media firms are ‘failing to tackle anti-vaxxer myths

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Social media firms are failing to tackle anti-vaxxer myths despite promising a crackdown, experts claimFacebook, Twitter and Google pledged to tackle vaccine disinformation - and take down content more quickly - afte ...

Fiksheidskenner ontlok algemene mites oor dieet en oefensessies

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Weight training won't make you bulky and you CAN eat carbs after 4pm: Fitness expert debunks common diet and workout myths and reveals the best tactics to get in shapeThere are lots of fitness misconceptions out ther...