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NHS watchdog rejects a ketamine-like nasal spray as an antidepressant

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NHS watchdog rejects use of snortable antidepressant that contains ketamine-like drugDrug was rejected for NHS due to concerns over cost and clinical uncertainties Esketamine is already approved for use in the US and...

Teenagers turn to illegal nasal sprays that promise to darken skin

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Tan-obsessed teenagers are turning to illegal nasal sprays that promise to darken skin within hours despite experts warning it may lead to 'life-threatening' side effects and cancer Young people seeking a year-round ...

Doctors warn against using tanning nasal spray

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'I'd rather die hot than live ugly': TikTok trend encourages the use of tanning nasal spray to darken the skin as doctors warn it could have 'life-threatening side effects'TikTok users are claiming tanning nasal spra...

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Nasal spray could provide high risk people with immunity from Covid

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Nasal spray could prevent Covid infection for up to eight hours and is believed to be effective against ALL variants of the virusA new nasal spray treatment may be able to give high-risk people immunity from COVID-19...

Nasal steroid sprays could be effective at preventing severe COVID

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Nasal steroid sprays could be effective at preventing serious cases of COVID with patients who use them 22% less likely to be hospitalized study findsPatients who use nasal steroid sprays for allergies or asthma may ...

Neussproei verminder die kans om Covid op te doen aansienlik

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Uitgevind in Brittanje: Nuwe antivirale neussproei wat die kans om Covid-wetenskaplikes dramaties te verminder, sê pHOXWELL kan 'n belangrike rol speel in die beskerming van kwesbare pasiënte Twee pompe in elke neusgat kan voorsien word ...

Indonesia Covid scam: 9,000 passengers tested with REUSED nasal swabs

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Indonesia busts Covid scam after 9,000 air passengers were tested with REUSED nasal swab sticks which were washed and then repackagedSeveral employees of a state-owned pharmaceutical company have been arrested over t...

Scientists working on anti-Covid nasal spray

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Forget Boris Johnson's anti-Covid pills... scientists are now pinning their hopes on a nasal spray to reduce the severity of the disease and help stop its spreadBoris Johnson suggested a pill could stop Covid-19 illn...

£51 nasal spray ‘prevented Jews from catching coronavirus in Israel

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Could a nasal spray stop you catching Covid? £51 product available on Amazon stopped Jews getting virus at religious festival, study saysWorshippers who used a nasal spray at a mass gathering avoided Covid infection ...

Nasal spray ‘that stops Covidcould be available by the summer

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Nasal spray 'that can stop you catching Covid for up to two days' could be sold in high street pharmacies by the summerScientists at the University of Birmingham started research last April The nasal spray is made fr...

Could a £6 Boots nasal spray defeat Covid-19?

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Could a £6 Boots nasal spray defeat Covid-19? High Street chemist's flu treatment made with SEAWEED is being tested to see if it can stop coronavirusResearchers at Swansea University begin human trials tomorrow on co...