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Nicola Peltz’s Trump supporter father will be part of Brooklyn family

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Meet the in-laws! Brooklyn Beckham will count Nicola Peltz's billionaire Trump-loving father and model mother in his new family - as well as her NINE siblings including an actor and figure skater (and they won't be s...

Inside Brooklyn Beckham and fiancée Nicola Peltz’s wedding

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Inside Brooklyn Beckham and fiancée Nicola Peltz's April wedding: The bride 'will wear two Valentino gowns, Romeo and Cruz are best men and it will be covered by fashion bible Vogue' The first details of Brooklyn Bec...

Nicola Sturgeon predicts Tory doom in Scotland if PM does not quit

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Gleeful Nicola Sturgeon predicts Tory doom in Scotland as she says Douglas Ross will never be able to ask Scots to vote Conservative for as long as Boris Johnson remains as PM after he called on the premier to quit o...

NICOLA HORLICK reveals her daughter’s spiritual intervention

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City 'Superwoman' NICOLA HORLICK reveals how her daughter Georgie, wat bejaardes oorlede is 12, made a spiritual intervention to save her little sister from her demons On my daughter Antonia's last birthday — she turned 25 in J...

Nicola Sturgeon told to cut Scots Covid quarantine to seven days

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Nicola Sturgeon facing demands to cut Covid self-isolation in Scotland from 10 to seven days in line with the rest of the UK when she updates rules TOMORROW amid fears over impact of absent staff on NHS servicesFM ur...

Nicola Sturgeon may have to SELL Scots HQ over green heating cost

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Nicola Sturgeon told to consider SELLING Scottish Government headquarters because of £5.8million cost of installing green heating system she is demanding all buildings adopt by 2030First Minister told that it will co...

Nicola Sturgeon prepares for COBRA showdown on Covid curbs

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Nicola Sturgeon prepares for COBRA meeting showdown with Michael Gove as she demands more cash from the Treasury to help businesses hit by her new Covid curbs and urges the UK Government to follow her lead and toughe...

Nicola Sturgeon’s depute uses Covid to justify independence push

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Nicola Sturgeon's depute uses Covid pandemic to justify independence push as he kicks off SNP conference despite surge in support for Scotland STAYING part of the United KingdomKeith Brown will kick of the SNP's virt...

Nicola Sturgeon gryp Tory-sleaze-krisis te midde van onafhanklikheidsdrang aan

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Nicola Sturgeon gryp die Tory-sleaze-krisis aan terwyl sy Skotse onafhanklikheidsaak aanjaag wat 'korrupsie in die hart van die Westminster-stelsel' uitslaan..

Nicola Adams slept with a hammer as a child to defend herself

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Boxing champion Nicola Adams reveals she slept with a hammer under her pillow as a child to defend herself from her mother's abusive partner Nicola Adams has revealed that slept with a hammer under her pillow as a ch...

Nicola Sturgeon joins indigenous American ceremony ahead of COP26

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Nicola Sturgeon goes barefoot as she takes part in ceremony with indigenous Americans ahead of COP26 in GlasgowNicola Sturgeon met with indigenous Americans ahead of the start of the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow T...

Nicola Sturgeon, 51, reveals she Peter Murrell might foster children

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Nicola Sturgeon, 51, says she and her husband Peter Murrell might foster children in the future when she leaves politics - after suffering a miscarriage in 2011Nicola Sturgeon, 51, wed SNP's chief executive Peter Mur...

Nicola Adams and girlfriend Ella Baig attend No Time To Die premiere

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Nicola Adams looks sharp in a black suede blazer while girlfriend Ella Baig wows in a shimmering semi-sheer gown as they attend the No Time To Die world premiere Nicola Adams cut a sharp figure as she attended the wo...

Campaigners criticise Nicola Sturgeon’s gender reform plans

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Fears Nicola Sturgeon’s plan to let 16-year-olds legally change their genders will ‘open the floodgates’ to children having irreversible surgerySNP Government looking at allowing people to legally change their gender...

Brooklyn Beckham matches his fiancée Nicola Peltz for the Met Gala

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Brooklyn Beckham's fiancée Nicola Peltz wows in a semi-sheer Valentino gown as the couple attend the Met Gala Brooklyn Beckham, 22, and fiancée Nicola Peltz arrived at the Met Gala wearing Valentino FW21 Couture on M...

Nicola Sturgeon wants Scottish independence vote by end of 2023

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Nicola Sturgeon lays down the gauntlet to Boris Johnson as she vows to hold second Scottish independence referendum before the end of 2023Nicola Sturgeon said she wants to hold independence vote before end of 2023 Sh...

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