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Skrywer het uitgespreek oor Stanley Johnson om LP Caroline Nokes te ondersteun

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Female New Statesman writer decided to speak out about 'dirty old git' Stanley Johnson groping her at 2019 partykonferensie toe sy was 24 omdat sy LP Caroline Nokes wou ondersteun - as she says she hopes next...

Rachel Johnson speaks about Caroline Nokesgrope claim against father

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson's sister Rachel says Tory MP Caroline Nokes 'is not playing the game' by accusing their father Stanley of groping herRachel Johnson spoke about allegations by Caroline Nokes against her f...

Caroline Nokes fires broadside at women in Boris Johnson’s government

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Who does she mean? Senior Tory MP Caroline Nokes says there are 'serious questions' over the 'calibre' of women invited into top roles in Boris's governmentCaroline Nokes railed against the 'blokey mentality' pervadi...

Tory MP Caroline Nokes admits ‘locking upparents during lockdown

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Tory MP Caroline Nokes admits parking car across parents driveway to make sure they stay shielding at home during Covid lockdownMP Caroline Nokes, 48, said she has kept her parents 'locked up' since March Conservativ...