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Ex-Pentagon official says UFOs have meddled with US nuclear technology

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Pentagon whistleblower says UFOs have meddled with secret US nuclear weapons facilities and even forced some offline - calling actions a 'global threat'Luis Elizondo, the former head of the Pentagon's Advanced Aerosp...

Ken Livingstone aide sold Britain’s nuclear secrets to Czech spies

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Red Ken aide sold Britain's nuclear secrets to Czech spies: He was a key lieutenant of hard-Left London leader Ken Livingstone - but at the height of the Cold War, Charlie Rossi was passing vital intelligence to our ...

è il sistema di confinamento magnetico più sviluppato ed è la base per la progettazione di molti moderni reattori a fusione

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La Cina accelera i lavori su più di CENTO sili di missili nucleari, La Cina accelera i lavori su più di CENTO sili di missili nucleari.

North Korea is expanding nuclear reactor, satellite images reveal

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North Korea is expanding its plutonium-producing nuclear reactor and could increase stocks of weapons-grade uranium by 25 per cento, satellite images revealThe Yongbyon Nuclear Research Facility was closed until it re...

Putin’s nuclear arsenal: Here are the weapons powering Russian attacks

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Inside Putin's nuclear arsenal: Russia's military is armed with some of the most brutal weapons to exist including 4,447 warheads, Kalibr cruise missiles, flame throwers and $16 million 'father of all bombs' that can...

La TV russa afferma che l'attacco nucleare "è più probabile".’ che perdere in Ucraina

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La TV di stato russa dice ai telespettatori: "Moriremo tutti un giorno": La guerra nucleare è "l'esito più probabile", viene detto agli spettatori, "ma andremo in paradiso mentre loro semplicemente gracchiano" I media russi hanno iniziato a discutere apertamente ...

Tre membri dell'equipaggio di bombardieri nucleari russi uccisi in un incidente sul sedile di espulsione

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Three Russian nuclear bomber air crew are killed when their ejector seats accidentally go off just before take-offThe incident happened on Tuesday at the Shaikovka military airfield The Russian defence minister has c...

Reconverted nuclear BUNKER go on auction with £1.4 million guide price

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Luxury flats in a converted Cold War BUNKER built by the MoD in 1951 are expected to fetch £1.4million at auction - complete with a light-filled atrium, marble bathrooms and high-end kitchensReconverted nuclear bunke...

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Satellite images show China building ‘119 nuclear missile silos

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Satellite images show China is building more than 100 ‘nuclear missile silos’ in the desertSatellite images 'show construction of 119 silos in Chinese desert' analysts say The sites reportedly mirror features from ot...

China’s nuclear fusion reactor runs at 126MILLION°F for 17 minuti

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China's 'artificial sun' nuclear fusion reactor sets a new world record after running at 126MILLION°F for more than 17 minutesChina's nuclear fusion reactor ran at 126 million°F for a total of 1,056 seconds In May, ...

La fusione nucleare si ottiene attraverso una nuova tecnica di fusione a proiettile

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La fusione nucleare si ottiene attraverso una nuova tecnica di fusione a proiettile: 'Holy grail' of power production closer to reality after UK start-up develops new technique for accelerating fuel at 200 times the speed of soundA University of Oxford spin-out has confir...

Putin practices for nuclear war: Russia shows off full nuclear triad

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Putin practices for nuclear war: Russia launches missiles from submarines, underground silos and aircraft in major strategic drillRussia's full nuclear triad demonstrated in footage shared by Russian military The str...

Australia to rent nuclear submarines from US as it waits for new ones

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Australia poised to rent nuclear submarines in just a few years while it waits up to two decades for new fleet to be built with help from Britain and the USAustralia in AUKUS security pact which includes building nuc...

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[object Window] $10 MILIARDI di aiuti militari e umanitari all'Ucraina: [object Window].

Biden dice che Putin sta diventando "disperato".’ con i suoi commenti nucleari

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Biden afferma che Putin sta diventando "disperato" con i suoi "commenti inattivi" sulle armi nucleari e insiste sugli Stati Uniti. è pronto per "qualunque cosa" faccia la Russia dopo che il Cremlino ha detto che l'invasione dell'Ucraina è una guerra con la NATO "Nessuno dovrebbe fare ...