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Tom Cruise’s first manager says he obsessed over his looks

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EKSKLUSIEF: Tom Cruise's first manager tells how he obsessed over his looks, spent a whole day practicing for his headshots and drew up a list of demands including 'first-star billing' and 'most favorable dressing roo...

'Beset’ kêrel, 54, admits hurling rock at ex’s Porsche

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'Obsessed' boyfriend, 54, admits hurling a rock at his company director ex-girlfriend's Porsche outside her £1.5m Sandbanks mansion and bombarding her with messagesEdward Morris, 54, bombarded Nadia Mehson, 54, met ...

ANDREW PIERCE: Bitter. Vengeful. Underwood het aan sy kamermaat en sy kamermaat se meisie erken

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ANDREW PIERCE: Bitter. Vengeful. Underwood het aan sy kamermaat en sy kamermaat se meisie erken. Dominic Cummings is carrying a box of lethal secrets to kill off his old boss and put Rishi Sunak in No.10 Shortly before Christmas, Boris Johnson’s former adviser, Dominic ...

'Beset’ Goth, 31, who stalked her female boss is jailed

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'Obsessed' Goth, 31, who stalked her female boss after she sent her text message with a kiss is jailed for four years for trying to 'stove her head in' with hammerNaomi Wheeler, 31, became 'obsessed' with Heather Wil...

'Beset’ handyman, 52, who ‘stole ex’s knickers to cuddle’ tronk toe gestuur

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'Obsessed' handyman, 52, who 'stole ex-lover's knickers to cuddle' is jailed for life for murdering her new man, 66, after knocking him out, putting him in car and setting it ablaze to make death look like a suicideM...

Obsessed Virgin Media worker, 27, is spared jail

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Obsessed Virgin Media worker, 27, who tracked his ex-girlfriend on iCloud, sabotaged her internet and used his work van to follow her new partner and his parents is spared jailKyle Bell, 27, made mother-of-one Olivia...

GEOPENBAAR: FedEx shooter was 'n 'Brony’ versot op My Little Pony

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GEOPENBAAR: FedEx-moordenaar was 'n 'Brony' wat 'n obsessie het met My Little Pony en het twee gewere gekoop nadat sy geweer onder Red Flag Law in beslag geneem is 'omdat hy nooit 'n vaardigheidsverhoor gehad het nie.' Shooter Brandon Scott Hole het twee Fa gehad..

Peppa-pig obsessed toddler now watches the show with pet pig Peppa

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Oinking mad! Teenage mother buys her Peppa Pig-obsessed toddler his own miniature hog after the 13-month-old watched the cartoon every day for monthsHannah Constantine, 19, van Greater Manchester, bought her son a p...

Mums are obsessed with this game-changing packed lunch hack

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GEOPENBAAR: The game-changing school lunchbox trick that will guarantee kids eat everything packed for themMums are obsessing over a 'game-changing hack' for making packed lunches Amelia said she lets her kids pick ou...