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EU ‘will offer Boris Johnson a new defence and security pact

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EU 'will offer Boris Johnson a defence pact' to boost security cooperation between Britain and Brussels after US exit from Afghanistan prompts calls for closer working togetherDutch PM Mark Rutte is meeting Boris Joh...

BBC 'offre una vincita significativa’ all'ex tata di William e Harry

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La BBC "offre un compenso significativo" all'ex tata di William e Harry, Tiggy Legge-Bourke, per false diffamazioni fatte dall'ex giornalista canaglia di Panorama Martin Bashir Un elenco dell'Alta Corte descrive la BBC come imputata e Pettifer ...

Lawyers offer deportation-busting services to illegals in prisons

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Immigration lawyers are advertising their deportation-busting services to illegal migrants in prisons and detention centres Law firms are using prison magazines to advertise deportation-busting services They even go...

Creator of 1619 Project Nikole Hannah-Jones REJECTS UNC’s tenure offer

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1619 Project founder Nikole Hannah-Jones REJECTS UNC's tenure offer and will go to Howard University instead after protesters brawled during board meeting and she claimed 'powerful donor' blocked her from lifetime ro...

GPs offer boxing classes to help women beat depression

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GPs offer boxing classes to help women beat depression as part of fitness drive to improve patients' mental and physical healthWomen say they have less time than men to be physically active, research finds More than...

Dickens academics offer £300 reward to decipher the author’s letters

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Can YOU crack Charles Dickens' secret code? Academics offer £300 reward to decipher the author's mysterious lettersThe so-called 'Tavistock letter' is written in Charles Dickens' personal shorthand Letter is one of t...

I capi del cinema offrono visioni a tema canino per gli animali domestici e i loro proprietari

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I capi del cinema offrono visioni a tema canino per gli animali domestici e i loro proprietari? I capi del cinema offrono visioni a tema canino per gli animali domestici e i loro proprietari.

Minister sparks row after claiming face masks offer ‘marginalbenefit

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Health minister sparks row after claiming face masks only offer 'marginal' benefit in Covid fightLord Bethell yesterday said face coverings offered only 'marginal protection' He was being questioned over plans to lif...

Workers at Tesco distribution centres REJECT 2.5% pay increase offer

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Lorry drivers and warehouse workers at Tesco distribution centres REJECT 2.5% pay increase offerUnite said members voted against a 2.5 % offer saying it was lower than inflation If members vote for a strike then Tesc...

Online pharmacists offer Britons date rape drugs without prescription

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Spiking drugs for sale online: Date-rape pills available within 24 hours as UK becomes 'top destination' for web pharmacistsDate rape drugs such as Rohypnol and GHB are being sold to Britons online Dealers claim the...

NHS ‘should offer genomic testing for personalised prescriptions

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UK should become first country in the world to offer £150 genomic testing so NHS patients can get 'personalised prescriptions'Medics called on the NHS to enter a 'new era' of preventative medicine 99.5 per cent of p...

Tui tells families it WON’T offer cheap last-minute deals this summer

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Tui tells families it WON'T offer cheap last-minute holiday deals this summer despite expecting bookings to reach pre-pandemic levelsTui's chief executive, has revealed company will hold current pricing structure It ...

UK should offer abortions to US women for FREE in wake of Roe v Wade

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Britain should offer abortions to American women for FREE in wake of Roe v Wade ruling, doctors sayBritish Medical Association has agreed to lobby the Government on the issue Foreign patients able to have abortions i...

French PM snubs Boris Johnson’s offer to help patrol beaches

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French PM Jean Castex snubs Boris Johnson by rejecting offer of British officers to help patrol beaches after migrants tragedyJean Castex said France would not allow British personnel to help stop migrants Boris Joh...

Travel testing RIP-OFF: ‘Cowboyfirms offer 30p PCR tests

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Travel testing RIP-OFF: 'Cowboy' firms offer 30p PCR tests then charge 200 times more as hundreds are stranded in red list countries after quarantine hotels run out of space - with NO rooms for family of four until 2...

After Unilever makes shock offer, rival bidders circling GSK

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GlaxoSmithKline's consumer arm could be thrust into a full-blown bidding war after rejecting three offers from Unilever at the end of last yearIt is understood Unilever is preparing a fourth offer for the business L...