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Thor: Love And Thunder is number one at the box office

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Thor: Love And Thunder ranks number one at the box office and is set to draw in over $135MIL... making it this year's third biggest domestic opening The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done it again with Thor: Love And...

Boris Johnson is set to net a fortune after he leaves office

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'Billion Dollar Boris?' PM is set to net a fortune after he leaves office... with experts saying his earning power could 'eclipse Tony Blair's £10million a year'Boris Johnson is estimated to 'easily' earn £400,000 a ...

Tesla is shutting down its office in San Mateo and cutting 200 werksgeleenthede

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Tesla is shutting down it's entire San Mateo office and laying off 200 workers after Elon Musk vowed to slash salaried staff by 10%The company told about half the staffers at the office were told their position had b...

Brits enjoy week off their commute as they set up office in the sun

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Work From....THE BEACH! Britons set up offices by the sea and in gardens as they make the most of a week off the commute - while others are left out of pocket thanks to rail strikesBritain's railways have come to a h...

Met Office warns pollen levels will be very high all week

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Another week of misery for hay fever sufferers: Met Office warns pollen levels will be very high across England all weekPollen levels are set to be very high across England, Wales and Northern Ireland Head of clini...

Gen Z and Millennial office workers want to ban calls, studie bevind

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Gen Z and Millennial office workers want to ban phone calls because they find them too aggressive and would prefer to use email or social media, study findsStudy found 75% of people would rather communicate by email ...

PM tried ‘appointing his then-mistress to Foreign Office role in 2018

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Boris Johnson 'tried to appoint his then-mistress Carrie as his chief of staff while Foreign Secretary but was blocked by colleagues after they discovered their affair'Mr Johnson accused of trying to appoint his then...

Channel migrants to be tagged and prosecuted in Home Office crackdown

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Channel migrants to be tagged and prosecuted if they don't comply with new Home Office crackdownAsylum seekers who cross the English Channel in boats face electronic tagging Home Office will track refugees who come ...

Personeel van die binnelandse kantoor begin veldtog teen Priti Patel se Rwanda-plan

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Rebel Home Office-personeel begin veldtog teen Priti Patel se plan om migrante na Rwanda te vlieg te midde van bewerings dat hulle weier om aan die beleid te werk voor die krimpende hofdatum môre Anoniem 'Ons binnelandse kantoor' Twitter acc..

Passengers warned of rail troubleas Post Office staff also strike

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Rail passengers warned of significant disruption as conductors strike over long-running wage dispute - as Post Office workers also walk out over 'humiliating' pay offerBrits face nationwide strikes on rail lines and ...

Post Office gives IT scandal victims just £10,000 in compensation

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New betrayal of the postmasters: 'Shameful' Post Office gives hundreds of blameless victims of IT scandal just £10,000 in compensationThousands of postmasters were affected by IT glitches between 2000 en 2015 Many w...

Post Office workers strike over Jubilee weekend in pay dispute

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Post Office workers strike over Jubilee weekend in pay dispute: Staff will stage walkouts tomorrow and Monday - while commuters brace for Tube strike chaos that threatens to cripple LondonMembers of the Communication...

Lefty lawyers at Home Office ‘blocking review of anti-terror scheme

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Lefty lawyers at the Home Office 'are blocking a major review into the Prevent anti-terror scheme'Charity Commission boss Shawcross will a publish review of the report in July The latest row comes days after Attorney...

Ministers knew about Passport Office backlog six MONTHS ago

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Ministers were warned SIX MONTHS AGO about Passport Office applications backlog six MONTHS ago and chaos has now cost Britons a total of £5.4m by forcing them to pay for fast track processPassport applicants paid £5....

Microsoft exec accused of watching VR ‘pillow fightporn in office

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Top Microsoft executive is accused of watching lesbian pillow fight PORN on VR goggles in front of stunned colleagues and fondling female co-workers without their consentAlex Kipman, 44, of Seattle, has been describe...

Working from home can poison office relations, real estate boss says

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Working from home can poison office relations and conflicts can be resolved much more easily face to face, real estate boss saysCEO Christian Ulbrich said it is much easier to upset somebody over a video call 'Confli...

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