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Transgender prison officer caught with £3,500 heroin spared jail

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Transgender prison officer caught with £3,500-worth of heroin in jail car park is spared a sentence behind barsEXCLUSIVE: Ollie Griffiths, 29, smuggled in contraband for inmates at HMP Featherstone Multiple wraps of h...

Top Russian officer ‘beaten after saying ‘you are all cannon fodder

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Furious conscripts turn on their commander: Top officer 'is beaten after telling reservists ''you are all cannon fodder, you are facing slaughter'' as video shows punch-up in make-shift barracksRussian lieutenant-colo...

Police officer who made a rape threat towards a colleague found guilty

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Met Police officer who told a female colleague 'If you're asleep you can't say no' is found guilty of misconductLuis Tickner suggested he would have sex with a woman without her consent The panel decided that he had ...

Met Officer ‘threatened to have sex with colleague without consent

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Met Police officer 'told female colleague, "if you're asleep you can't say no" and stopped her from leaving his home after she refused to have sex with him'Former Met officer Luis Tickner has been accused of sexual mi...

Former Met Police officer Archie Payne banned from rejoining the force

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On-duty Met Police officer, 28, who was found guilty of assault after grabbing man by the throat and throwing him to the floor in brawl outside Wetherspoons is barred from the forceArchie Payne was convicted of assaul...

Rookie police officer brings 8in SNAIL to calm nerves (but it died)

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Rookie police officer brought a giant 8in SNAIL with him to work... to calm his nerves (but it died)New recruit was permitted to bring 'Sid' the snail into work in a ventilated box Some fellow officers were not impr...

Police officer ‘forgedsexual relationships with 12 vulnerable women

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Derbyshire PC, 40, used his position to ‘forge’ sexual relationships with 12 vulnerable women who were 'victims, witnesses or suspects' in domestic abuse cases while colleague, 46, 'had sex with one of them', court he...