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L'assalto della Russia a Kiev è destinato a fallire, i funzionari dicono

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L'assalto della Russia a Kiev è destinato a fallire: L'assalto della Russia a Kiev è destinato a fallire, i funzionari dicono, L'assalto della Russia a Kiev è destinato a fallire.

Steve Forbes blasts ‘blacklistof companies that hire Trump officials

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'We believe in diversity of opinion - unlike big tech': Steve Forbes shames his magazine editor who said companies that hire Trump officials would be blacklistedSteve Forbes disagreed with Forbes magazine op-ed publi...

Jack Grealish visto con i funzionari del Manchester City prima di una mossa da £ 100 milioni

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Jack Grealish è raffigurato mentre viene cacciato dall'Etihad Campus del Manchester City mentre si avvicina alla storica mossa da £ 100 MILIONI dall'Aston Villa che lo vedrà diventare il giocatore inglese più costoso EVERJack Grealis...

Officials relocate hoping never to commute again

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Officials relocate to Cornwall and the Cotswolds hoping never to commute againCivil servants are relocating to Cornwall and the Cotswolds, sources have said One insider said that Whitehall officials expect to be abl...

Biden hits Trump, while applauding Georgia’s GOP election officials

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'It's the coronavirus. Full stop.' Joe Biden goes after Donald Trump for his racist nickname for the pandemic while applauding Georgia's GOP election officials for holding a 'free and fair' electionPresident Joe Bide...

Sally Rooney ‘impeding peacein Middle East, say Israeli officials

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Israel accuses 'narrow-minded' Sally Rooney of 'impeding peace' and backing a campaign 'tainted with anti-Semitism' after Normal People author banned Israeli publisher translating her book into HebrewSally Rooney, 30...

California officials raided preschool suspected of masking breaches

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California officials raid three preschools for failing to make children aged two to four wear masks then 'isolate' and INTERVIEW the kids about face covering policySan Diego parents were furious after California regu...

Funzionari: Iranian warships change course to move up African coast

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Iranian warships transporting arms to Venezuela CHANGE COURSE and head up the west coast of Africa amid threats from US to take 'appropriate action' if they entered the CaribbeanThe two warships now appear to be movi...

Pentagon officials ‘baffled by Chinese hypersonic missile technology

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Pentagon officials ‘remain baffled by Chinese hypersonic missile technology’ after Beijing tested weapon that could deploy a nuke while travelling at five times the speed of soundChina's hypersonic weapon test fired ...

QAnon Shaman ‘planned to capture and assassinate elected officials

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QAnon Shaman planned to 'capture and assassinate elected officials', say prosecutors and left a note for Mike Pence saying 'justice is coming' during Capitol riotFederal prosecutors are seeking the detention of Jacob...

Biden praises officials battling governors over mask mandates

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'This isn’t about politics. This is about keeping our children safe': Biden condemns anti-mask protesters and praises doctors, teachers and mayors who are battling governors over school mask mandatesBiden condemned u...

Officials search for 4,000 new magistrates in huge recruitment drive

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Officials search for 4,000 new magistrates 'from every part of society' in huge recruitment drive to beat case backlog in courts... and they will specifically target younger recruitsThousands of new magistrates are b...

Biden officials blame Trump for border crisis as 15K kids in custody

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Border Patrol considers releasing migrants into the US without a court date as Biden administration blames Trump for the escalating crisis - con 15,000 unaccompanied minors now in custodyA senior CBP source said tha...

Top military officials gather for funeral of ex-Royal Marines general

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Royal Marines general who was found hanged after losing his dream job leading elite troops and split from his wife is laid to rest with full military honours – including new head of Armed Forces who ‘clashed’ with hi...

‘Mother-of-tenDID make it up, officials confirm

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'Mother-of-ten' DID make it up: Donna, 37, who said she had given birth to a world record-breaking ten babies FABRICATED the pregnancy, officials confirm Gosiame Sithole said she had seven boys and three girls in Pre...

£2bn job scheme for young ‘not monitored properly’, i funzionari dicono

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£2bn job scheme for young 'is not being monitored properly' and may not be having positive effect, officials sayMinisters accused of taking a 'light-touch approach' to tracking the jobs scheme Report found Department...