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VICTORIA BISCHOFF: Ofgem throws struggling consumers under the bus

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Ofgem's brutal betrayal: Toothless energy watchdog has thrown Britain's most vulnerable households under the bus, says VICTORIA BISCHOFF James Scott worked his whole life as a shop assistant and is now retired. But i...

Martin Lewis brands latest Ofgem scheme a ‘f***ing disgrace

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Martin Lewis brands Ofgem a 'f***ing disgrace' after regulator announced it may review energy price cap four times a year rather than two... meaning households could face higher billsMoneySavingExpert Martin Lewis to...

Ofgem threatens to fine energy companies if direct debits are too big

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Ofgem will probe if UK energy firms are raising customer direct debits 'by more than is necessary' as prices soar and cost of living crisis bitesOfgem chief executive Jonathan Brearley has warned energy firms over pr...

Ofgem could raise price cap for 22m households in the next six months

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Energy bills could soar AGAIN: Ofgem could raise price cap for 22 million households in the next six months as families already face paying an extra £700Ofgem said ability to quickly change price cap would help keep ...

Energy watchdog Ofgem announces new plans to ease bills

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Energy watchdog Ofgem announces new plans to ease bills set to soar to £2,000-a-year in move that could save customers £100 eachWatchdog Ofgem sets outs new plans to soften the energy price surge in April Ofgem cons...

Prepare for ‘significantrise in energy bills, Ofgem warns

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Prepare for 'significant' rise in energy bills: Ofgem chief confirms price cap WILL go up and refuses to rule out increase to £2,000 for millions of householdsRising energy prices may push average annual bills past £...

Best energy deals: With the Ofgem price cap rising you should switch

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New higher price cap comes into force today and households could save £234 on their energy bills by switching to fixed tariffsThe energy price cap hike bites today, raising bills by £96 for millions Customers could ...