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World’s oldest spider monkey named Elvis turns 60 Anni

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Is this the world's oldest spider monkey? Animal named Elvis turns 60 at Zoo Boise - as records show the creatures usually live to be 20 per 40 years oldA spider monkey named Elvis has been living at Zoo Boise since 1...

Twelve of Britain’s oldest pubsthat you can stay the night in

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From a magical tavern that starred in a Harry Potter film to an inn with a GRAVESTONE in the floor of its restaurant: Twelve of Britain's oldest pubs... that you can stay the night inThese ancient boozers are steeped...

"Grande benefattore russo".’ della più antica scuola britannica in sanzioni nel Regno Unito

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ESCLUSIVO: La scuola più antica della Gran Bretagna ha ricevuto una "importante" donazione dall'oligarca russo che ora è stato sanzionato per la guerra in Ucraina: £ 41.000 all'anno alla King's School nel Kent sono state consegnate in contanti 2011 per 2018 da miliardi...

Paul McCartney becomes oldest EVER solo star to headline Glastonbury

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Sir Paul rocks the Pyramid! McCartney, 80, becomes the oldest EVER solo star to headline Glastonbury as he returns for the first time since 2004 - 55 years after The Beatles performed to 400 million on world's first ...

Oldest known ancestor of vampire squid was an active predatory hunter

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It sucked to be the prey of an ancient cephalopod: Oldest known ancestor of the vampire squid had EXTRA-STRONG suckers on its arms for hunting sea lifeScientists have found that an ancestor of the vampire squid was a...

Villagers launch £11,000 appeal to save one of Britain’s oldest trees

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Villagers launch £11,000 appeal to save one of Britain's oldest trees: Locals raise cash to build wooden cradle around 3,500-year-old ancient yew that could collapse after being damaged in heavy snowfallThe 3,500-yea...

Griff Rhys Jones si unisce alla lotta per salvare le capanne sulla spiaggia più antiche della Gran Bretagna

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L'attore Griff Rhys Jones si unisce alla gente del posto nella lotta per salvare le capanne sulla spiaggia più antiche della Gran Bretagna, vendute per £ 88.000 e costruite negli anni '80 dell'Ottocento - per essere stato demolito e rimosso dal lungomare, il 68enne Griff Rhys Jones ha ...

‘Oldest homeownersees £800 property value increase to £550,000

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‘Britain’s oldest homeowner’, 106, who has lived in the same house for 77 YEARS sees value of property she bought for £800 in 1945 increase over 680 times to £550,000 – but says she isn’t planning on selling upWinifr...

Oldest living person, 121, ‘foundin Brazil during home doctor visit

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World's oldest living person, a 121 Anni, is discovered in Brazil by a mobile medical team: Maria Gomes de Reis was born June 16, 1900, and lived her long life in the same small villageThe oldest person in the ...

London’s ‘oldest houseis up for rent for £2,200-a-month

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Live in London’s ‘oldest house’! Grade II* property in Walthamstow built during the War of the Roses is up for rent and could be yours for £2,200-a-monthThe 15th century property, aptly named Ancient House, is repute...

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[object Window], [object Window], [object Window]: [object Window] - [object Window] 12.9 [object Window] 900 milioni di anni Esso ...

Era troppo corto

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La più antica striscia di capanne sulla spiaggia d'Inghilterra affronta il bulldozer mentre i proprietari si uniscono per portare il consiglio in tribunale nel disperato tentativo di salvare gli amati nascondigli Le capanne sulla spiaggia dai colori vivaci a Felixstowe si affacciano sul N...

UK’s oldest club puts carpet up for sale to raise cash for charity

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Britain's oldest nightclub puts sticky carpet up for sale at £50 a piece to raise money for charityThe Acapulco nightclub in Halifax is known for its sticky carpet and cheap drinks Club, che ha aperto in 1961, decidere...

The joys of Oban, home to one of Scotland’s oldest whisky distilleries

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come un albero o un: The delights of Oban, home to one of the oldest whisky distilleries in Scotland and a perfect base for exploring the country's western islandsTom Chesshyre took in the view of Oban from the 'incr...

La più grande sala da concerto di Bristol

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La più grande sala da concerto di Bristol - La più grande sala da concerto di Bristol.

Britain’s ‘oldest toastermade in 1949 refuses to burn out

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Britain's 'oldest toaster' made in 1949 refuses to burn out after more than 70 years of daily use as owner says he's kept it to ensure it 'doesn't go to the landfill'Britain's 'oldest toaster', made in 1949, is still...