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Universal Orlando hits capacity just 10 minutes after opening

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Universal Orlando hits capacity just 10 minutes after opening despite Florida reporting a record high COVID-19 positivity rate of 26.29 per cent and nearly 287,000 infections this monthUniversal Orlando Resort hit ca...

ESPN writer criticizes US flag at Olympics opening ceremony

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ESPN writer says he couldn't enjoy the Olympics opening ceremony because the American flag reminded of the Capitol riots and the 'rise of white nationalism'ESPN writer Bill Rhoden on Monday criticized the prominence ...

Play Ball! MLB celebrates Opening Day with masked and distanced fans

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Play Ball! MLB celebrates Opening Day with masked and distanced fans after barring spectators for the 2020 regular season - BUT Mets-Nats is postponed as a Washington player tests positive for COVID-19Major League Ba...

'n Ontstellende trip down memory lane

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Pragtig in bloos! Kroonprinses Mary van Denemarke verstom in 'n prikjas terwyl sy saam met haar man, prins Frederik en sy tante, prinses Benedikte, 'n uitstalling open ter herdenking van haar 50ste verjaardag, prins Frederik ...

Andrew Lloyd Webber backs down theatre opening threat

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Andrew Lloyd Webber backs down on threat to reopen his theatres without social distancing after being told his staff and audiences could face Covid finesWebber backed down after learning staff and audience members co...

Mischievous moggy caught opening doors

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The great paw-scape! Woman reveals her friends thought she 'was crazy' for claiming her 'Houdini' cat could open doors - until she filmed him in the actAmy Kennedy, 33, from Chester in Cheshire, filmed cat Simba open...

Team GB’s history-maker! Sky Brown produces faultless opening two runs

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Team GB's history-maker! 13-year-old Sky Brown progresses to the park skateboarding final after making faultless start in her bid to win famous gold in Tokyo... as she becomes Britain's youngest ever OlympianSky Brow...

Macron discusses opening France to vaccinated travellers this summer

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Emmanuel Macron says he is discussing ways to open France to vaccinated 'American and European' travellers this summerThe French President said his government was working on a certificate for travel His government is...

Winter Olympics opening ceremony takes place in Beijing

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The most communist show on Earth: Xi Jinping gets a one-minute ovation as he presides over his Winter Olympics opening ceremony featuring three-thousand performers, uniformed soldiers and watched by Vladimir Putin un...

82ft tall ‘Marble Arch Moundtakes shape ahead of July 26 opening

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High hopes! 82ft tall 'Marble Arch Mound' designed to lure tourists back to London takes shape ahead of July 26 opening - with visitors set for panoramic views across Hyde Park, Oxford Street and MayfairDubbed the Ma...

Opening trouser zip for young girl not sex assault, Indian court rules

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Holding a small girl's hand and opening trouser zip is not sexual assault, Indian court rules in second recent judgement seen to protect perverts preying on childrenLibnus Kujur, 50, was found guilty of sex assault i...

Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells review: Opening theme retains its charm

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Mike Oldfield's masterpiece, Tubular Bells, is at risk of being not merely instrumental but incidental... egter, the opening theme retains its charmFind out the latest Tokyo Olympic news including schedule, medal t...

Regina King roep Derek Chauvin se skuldigbevinding tydens die opening van die Oscars

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'Die polisie vermoor 'n buitensporige hoeveelheid swart mense': Die Oscar-wenner Travon Free verander aanvaardingstoespraak in haat-tirade oor die polisie nadat Regina King die 'uiteenlopende Oscars ooit' afgeskop het deur Derek Chauv te groet..

van ontwerp en innovasie tot ons diens

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van ontwerp en innovasie tot ons diens ...

Celebrity hotspot Carbone Miami catches fire six months after opening

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Fire breaks out at celebrity hotspot Carbone in Miami just six months after the trendy NYC restaurant opened on South BeachMiami Beach Fire Recue crews were called to reports of smoke at the eatery at 49 Collins Aven...

Pet pig is caught on camera opening kitchen fridge

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Get your snout out! Pet pig is caught on camera opening kitchen fridge to steal a bunch of grapesKaitlyn Frazier, 29, from Illinois, films her pet pig Albert Einswine open the fridge Pig, who she adopted in May 2018,...

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