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Woman who stalked her psychotherapist is served with protection order

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Infatuated woman, 38, who stalked her psychotherapist and sent 'erotic messages and love poems' to his home is banned from contacting him for five yearsCatherine Hatt, 38, from Lisburn was served with a Stalking Prote...

Russian reservists will ‘suffer horriblyin Ukraine after Putin order

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Russian reservists will 'suffer horribly' in Ukraine after Vladimir Putin's mobilisation order, warns Armed Forces minister James Heappey - while Boris Johnson tells Russian President his countrymen 'have no desire to...

Knifeman who stabbed random stranger in Morrisons given hospital order

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Knifeman, 53, who repeatedly stabbed a random stranger in a petrol station Morrisons while buying a morning coffee is given an indefinite hospital orderPaul Miller, 53, stabbed 'total stranger' Liam Kittlety on 9 Sept...