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University chiefs face being ordered to name foreign donors

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University chiefs face being ordered to name foreign donors in new crackdown on influence-buyingUniversities may have to disclose foreign donors giving more than £50,000 The proposal was made as an amendment to the H...

Burglar, 21, from gang which stole £500,000 of gems ordered to pay £1

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Jewellery burglar, 21, who was part of gang which stole £500,000 of gems in raids on more than 70 homes is ordered to pay back just £1 as court hears he is penniless with no assetsMichael Casey, 21, was part of a fam...

ATM raiders ordered to pay back £200,000 of their ill-gotten gains

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CCTV shows ‘ruthless’ raiders ripping cash machines out of shops, post offices and a hospital as they are ordered to pay back £200,000The gang tied cargo straps around ATMs and yanked them out using vehicles They car...

Trump ordered staff to ‘bust some headsduring George Floyd protest

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Donald Trump ordered his staff to 'bust some heads and make some arrests' to clear out Black Lives Matter protesters surrounding the White House in summer 2020, Mark Meadows' book claimsIvanka Trump reportedly came u...

Man who claims he created Bitcoin creator ordered to pay $100 miljoen

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Multi-billionaire Australian computer scientist who claims he created Bitcoin is ordered by Florida jury to pay $100M to family of dead business partner who he cheated out of 1.1M coins in 2008Craig Wright, who claim...

Jilted lover ordered to pay husband £120,000 keeps HALF of £2.8m home

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EKSKLUSIEF: Jilted lover ordered to pay two-timing millionaire financier £120,000 boasts she's done 'extremely well' out of the deal because can keep HALF the £2.8m mansion he bought them before she caught him in bed ...

Pa ontdek dat agtjarige seun 'n Domino's-bestelling van £38 bestel het

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Skreeusnaakse oomblik pa maak voordeur oop om te ontdek sy agtjarige seun het bestel - en betaal word - 'n Domino's-aflewering van £38 sonder om vir hom te sê 'n Agtjarige seuntjie bestel 'n Domino's-bestelling van £38 sonder om hallo te sê..

Koningin, 95, ‘ordered to quit drinking by doctorsfamily friend claims

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No more martinis for Her Majesty! Die koningin, 95, is 'ordered to quit drinking by royal doctors' to 'make sure she's as fit and healthy as possible' ahead of her busy Autumn schedule, family friend claims to Vanity Fa...

Fraudster who splashed £437,000 she stole ordered to pay back £120,000

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Bedrieër, 38, who was jailed after splashing £437,000 she stole from boat parts firm on £80,000 Range Rover, ski trips and £10,000 Rolex is ordered to pay back £120,000Emma Rhodes has been ordered to pay back £120,0...

Scotland fan who trashed hotel room during Euros ordered to pay £15k

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Tartan Army fan who jumped naked from hotel window after smashing up room during cocaine binge following Scotland's Euro 2020 clash with England is ordered to pay £15k for the damageRoss James Ferris, 27, ripped a wi...

Twitter users can’t work out what this woman ordered for her dinner

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'Is that a microwaved jacket potato?' Disgruntled diner's 'depressing' £30 main course at The Shard baffles Twitter users as they try to work out what's on the plateRaveen, 21, took to Twitter to share photos of £30 ...

UK’s Ambassador in Kabul ‘ORDERED to stay to help British nationals

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Geopenbaar: UK's Ambassador in Kabul Sir Laurie Bristow 'was ORDERED by Foreign Office to stay in Afghanistan to help British nationals' as it emerges Dominic Raab defied call to cut holiday short TWO DAYS before he re...

Don who pocketed £2.3m is ordered to pay back £1.3m

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Cambridge don, 40, who pocketed £2.3m of taxpayers' money in green-energy fraud and was caught with £100,000 in a chocolate box at Heathrow airport is ordered to pay back £1.3millionEhsan Abdi-Jalebi, 40, gevang is ...

Dani Dyer’s conman ex Sammy Kimmence ordered to pay back £55,000

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Dani Dyer's ex Sammy Kimmence, 25, is ordered to pay back £55,000 after scamming elderly victims - by handing over clothes, Louis Vuitton bags and designer trainersSammy Kimmence was jailed for three-and-a-half years...

Abramovich was ‘not ordered to buy Chelsea by Putin’, says oligarch

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Fugitive oligarch known as 'Putin's Banker' tells High Court he never said Roman Abramovich was ordered to buy £150million Chelsea FC by the Russian leaderAbramovich is suing HarperCollins and ex-FT correspondent Cat...

Millions of Queenslanders ordered to stay home amid school outbreak

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Australian lockdown hell continues: Millions of Queenslanders are ordered to stay home as new cases erupt at state school – with Sydney facing five more weeks of tough restrictions Queensland's lockdown has been exte...

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