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Le foto disgustose del pranzo scolastico provocano indignazione al liceo del New Jersey

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New Jersey high school kids post 'disgusting' pictures of their cheesesteaks, 'mystery' patties and pink chicken nuggets - forcing overhaul of $5m lunch programPhotos showing the disgusting lunch that was served at a...

Parent’s outrage as school bans Dr. Martens shoes from its uniform

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Parent's outrage as school bans plain black leather Dr. Martens shoes from its uniform - AFTER families shelled out more than £100Longcroft School, nello Yorkshire, adds the popular shoes to uniform's banned list Some ...

Mum’s outrage at school ‘Kickersban after she spent £68 on shoes

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Mum's outrage at school 'Kickers' ban after she spent £68 on 'comfy shoes that can withstand breaktime footie' before realising his new secondary school prohibits footwear with any 'visible branding'Parent took to Mu...