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Futuristic cargo drone could be used to deliver packages

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Futuristic cargo drone that can land on a 16-foot platform in 40mph crosswinds could be used to deliver packages over distances of up to 25 milesA cargo drone that could be used to deliver packages in city centres ha...

Video captures thousands of damaged packages on LA train tracks

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Thieves steal Amazon and UPS packages from trains waiting outside LA sorting depot and strew debris along tracks: Overstretched cops refuse to step up patrolsVideo footage captured thousands of empty and damages pack...

Amazon driver pretends to be preacher, woman asks him to hide packages

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A prime performance! Brilliant moment quick-thinking Amazon driver poses as a PREACHER after husband interrupted him delivering a surprise packageThe Amazon employee rang the doorbell before noticing that there was a...

Amazon delivery driver is sacked after he is filmed ‘opening packages

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Amazon delivery driver is sacked after he is filmed 'opening customers' packages' in his vanCaz Brown, 35, filmed the delivery driver opening packages outside her home Footage shows him sitting in his van in Newent...

"Stavo consegnando pacchi": Autista di Amazon licenziato dopo un video virale

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'Stavo consegnando pacchi... facendo quadrare i conti!L'autista delle consegne di Amazon è stato licenziato dopo che una donna poco vestita è stata filmata mentre usciva dal suo furgone rivela che era il suo partner L'ex autista delle consegne di Amazon Tywan George ha detto di averlo fatto ...

Writers try spa packages designed to banish a year of pandemic blues

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Why every midlife woman needs a spa-cation: As wellness retreats reopen, five jaded writers try the new packages designed to banish a year of pandemic bluesSpas across England that offer overnight stays have had a fl...

Traditional work perks scrapped for Netflix packages and gift cards

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The end of the company car: Traditional work perks make way for Uber gift cards and Netflix subscriptions as nine out of 10 new white collar recruits start new jobs working from homeNine out of ten white-collar job h...