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Paraglider faceplants in a muddy paddy field after failed take-off

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Splash landing! Moment paraglider faceplants in a muddy paddy field when take-off goes wrong in ThailandThe flying enthusiast was attempting the stunt in Nakhon Pathom province Although he made a bold start, charging...

Man is trampled by wild elephant after short chase through paddy field

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Moment man is trampled by a wild elephant after he falls while fleeing the charging animal in IndiaThe 30-year-old man was trampled in Assam, north-eastern India, but survived Local media said the man was receiving t...

Paddy McGuiness erken sy vrese vir sy drie outistiese kinders

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'Verstaan ​​hulle hoe lief ek vir hulle is??' Oomblik breek Paddy McGuiness af in dokumentêr oor sy kinders se outisme en vertel hoe hy homself in die werk gegooi het om die diagnose Paddy en Christine McGuinne te hanteer..

BBC’s Paddy O’Connell: ‘Someone elsecould broadcast Eurovision

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BBC presenter Paddy O'Connell suggests 'someone else' could broadcast Eurovision after run of disastrous placings for UKOver the years, the BBC has been central to choosing the United Kingdom's act Paddy O'Connell, a ...

Paddy Power owner sees revenue from UK stores drop 50% tydens toesluit

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Paddy Power owner Flutter saw revenue from UK shops plummet 47% in first half of the year - but US growth helped it rake in £3bn from customersFlutter's UK retail arm sank to a loss of £39m in the first six months of...

Question of Sport fans slam new host Paddy McGuinness

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'If you complained about Alex Scott, you got what you deserved!' Question of Sport fans slam 'horrendous' decision to make Paddy McGuiness new host instead of ex England footballerComedian, 47, is set to replace Sue ...