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Schizofrenico paranoico, 23, who beat chauffeur, 56, to death is jailed

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Schizofrenico paranoico, 23, who randomly beat a chauffeur, 56, to death with two fire extinguishers at a gambling arcade is jailed for lifeAbel Berhany, 23, launched a 'terrifying' attack on 56-year-old Abraham Haile...

L'inquilino ha ucciso i proprietari dopo essere diventato paranoico per il Covid

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Inquilino che ha accoltellato entrambi i suoi padroni di casa, 66 e 60, a morte in 'bagno di sangue' dopo che il primo lockdown per il Covid lo ha reso paranoico è colpevole di duplice omicidioDaniel Briceno Garcia, 46, ha compiuto un duplice omicidio dopo aver ricevuto il para...

Paranoid Robert Maxwell used microphones to snoop on wife and children

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Paranoid Robert Maxwell used microphones hidden under LAMP to snoop on his OWN wife and children inside his plush Oxfordshire home, BBC documentary revealsThe indebted Daily Mirror owner was found dead in 1992 dopo ...

Schizofrenico paranoico, 20, who strangled girlfriend jailed for life

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Schizofrenico paranoico, 20, who strangled his girlfriend with a skipping rope as their four-month-old daughter slept in her cot beside them is jailed for life Nigel Diakite launched a brutal attack on young mother N’...

A wife asks whether she has a right to feel paranoid

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Wife who asks if she should be suspicious of her husband's regular weekend dog walks with a female colleague starts fierce debate - as some claim 'it's how affairs start' but others brand her paranoidWoman took to Mu...

Schizofrenico paranoico, 28, who killed university worker is jailed

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Schizofrenico paranoico, 28, chi ha ucciso un lavoratore universitario, 23, and stabbed seven others in knife rampage is jailed for life with minimum term of 21 yearsZephaniah McLeod, 28, admitted killing Jacob Billington and othe...

Laureata "paranoica, stava prendendo a pugni sopra il suo peso"’ prima della morte

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Laureato in Zoologia, 22, trovata impiccata in un bosco era diventata "paranoica, stava prendendo a pugni sopra il suo peso" con il suo ragazzo dopo il commento di uno sconosciuto in un pub, l'inchiesta ascolta Rosie Johnson, 22, aveva litigato ubriaco con ...