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Attacker breaks in to Qatar’s Paris embassy and kills a security guard

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Attacker breaks in to Qatar's Paris embassy and kills a security guard before being arrestedSuspect, 40, arrested after security guard killed at Qatar embassy in Paris The man had forced his way into the embassy and ...

Paris Hilton wil hê wet moet tienerfasiliteite soos Provo Canyon beëindig

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'Ek verwerk steeds die trauma': Paris Hilton krul op in 'n eensame aanhoudingsel op Capitol Hill terwyl sy wetgewers aanspoor om kindermishandeling in 'moeilike tienerskole' uit te roei nadat sy seksaanvalle en marteling onthul het..

Band that played Bataclan during Paris attack to recall event at court

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Eagles of Death Metal that played Bataclan on night of Paris attacks in 2015 will tell French court this week how they came face to face with terrorist gunmen who killed 90The Eagles of Death Metal performed at the B...

Sanjeev Gupta se kantoor in Parys het toegeslaan in GFG-geldwasseryondersoek

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Sanjeev Gupta se kantoor in Parys het toegeslaan terwyl Franse owerhede bewerings van geldwassery GFG ondersoek Druk neem toe op Sanjeev Gupta se GFG-alliansie nadat die Franse polisie op die firma se Parys-kantore toegeslaan het. Theresa May en Boris Johnson het albei verkies om niemand in die rol van die direkteur van regeringsverhoudinge of senior dagboeksekretaris te hê nie ...

Binne die asemrowende Shangri-La Paris-hotel

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Opwindende Eiffeltoring-uitsigte, 'n epiese swembad en Frankryk se enigste Michelin-ster Chinese restaurant: Binne die Shangri-La Paris-hotel... gehuisves in Prins Roland Bonaparte se voormalige huisShangri-La Paris is gehuisves in die ...

Climate warning: Only a 10% chance of hitting Paris Agreement aims

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Chances of limiting global warming to 2.7°F are now 10% at most – but COP26 pledge to keep warming below 3.6ºF IS still achievable if all commitments are met, scientists claimAcademics analysed climate targets of 196...

A magical trip to Disneyland Paris as it marks its 30th birthday

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Inside Disneyland Paris as it marks its 30th birthday in style - there's a stunning display by twinkling drones and Sleeping Beauty Castle has had a refurb with 41,200 sheets of gold leafSiobhan Grogan finds that the...

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VK stuur Calais, Oekraïne-vlugtelinge TERUG na Parys om 'n vorm in te vul in meer rommel van die binnelandse kantoor, aangesien ministers vinniger visums eis met net 300 [object Window].

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[object Window] - [object Window] ...

voorste linie… voorste linie?

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voorste linie? voorste linie, voorste linie - voorste linie.

Chanel Paris Fashion Week sends a horse down the runway

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Is Chanel losing its charm? Lagerfeld muses Gigi, Kendall and Kaia are no-shows as fashion house sends Grace Kelly's showjumper granddaughter Charlotte Casiraghi down the runway on a HORSE - but at least Margot Robbi...

Paris Hilton says it was ‘traumaticto discuss abuse with mom Kathy

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Paris Hilton says it was 'traumatic and painful' to tell her mom Kathy about abuse she endured at Utah boarding school - as she reveals they went to therapy together to 'heal' from fallout ahead of her wedding to Car...

Schiaparelli turns heads during Paris Fashion Week

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Shocking by Schiaparelli! Designer turns heads with out-there catwalk show during Paris Fashion Week - including elaborate golden structures, conical bras and a bizarre nose pieceSchiaparelli ensured it stood out fro...

Paris officials remove EU flag from Arc de Triomphe

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Paris officials REMOVE EU flag from Arc de Triomphe after furious accusations that the stunt was 'erasing' French identityThe flag was raised on New Year's Eve, replacing the tricolore temporarily Was installed to ma...

World’s first text message to go under the hammer as an NFT in Paris

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World’s first text message – one Vodafone employee wishing another ‘Merry Christmas’ in 1992 – is expected to sell for £170,000 as it goes up for auctionThe first ever SMS was sent by British programmer Neil Papworth...

Paris aristocrat demands return of chateau in row over ancestor’s will

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Paris aristocrat who claims to be the rightful King of France demands the return of his family chateau and estate - which featured as Bond villain's lair - in row over turning it into a hotelChateau Chantilly, a pala...

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