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NASA’s Michael ‘RichClifford dies at 69 due to Parkinson’s Disease

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NASA astronaut Michael 'Rich' Clifford who completed third spaceflight after Parkinson's diagnosis dies at 69 due to complications from the diseaseMichael ‘Rich’ Clifford, a NASA astronaut who flew three space shuttl...

Donna, 38, says mother with Munchausen’s faked ME and Parkinson’s

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Donna, 38, whose mother with Munchausen's faked Parkinson's and ME recalls her mum being 'completely better' on US holiday when she was 16, only to return to being 'wheelchair-bound' the moment she got homeHelen Nayl...

Heartwarming clip shows Parkinson’s sufferer dancing

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Heartwarming clip shows Parkinson's sufferer dancing for 'first time in YEARS': Daughters say they finally have their 'old dad' back following life-changing surgeryMike Roll, dalla Virginia dell'Ovest, was left vigorously s...

Mike Tindall stars in video on father’s Parkinson’s battle

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Emotional Mike Tindall highlights the importance of having a support network in touching video about his father Philip's 20-year battle with Parkinson'sFormer England rugby star MikeTindall is a patron of Cure Parkin...

Scientists show it is possible to identify Parkinson’s from SKIN SWABS

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A 'game-changer' for Parkinson's diagnosis: Scientists show it is possible to identify the disease from painless SKIN SWABS in discovery that could make testing much easierResearchers led from Manchester analysed the...

Eye tests predict which Parkinson’s patients will develop dementia

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Eyesight tests could predict which people with Parkinson's will develop dementia 18 months on, study claimsUniversity College London has published two studies of people with Parkinson's Those with Parkinson's who hav...

‘My darling Des’s last secrethe was battling PARKINSON’S

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'My darling Des's last secret... he was battling PARKINSON'S': In her first moving interview since his death, Des O'Connor's widow shares her grief - and reveals the illness her soulmate hid from even his closest fri...

Sir Billy Connolly: ‘Parkinson’s will end me, but that’s OK with me

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Sir Billy Connolly, 78, gives frank reflection on life with Parkinson’s disease, detto: ‘It will end me, but that’s OK with me’Sir Billy Connolly to feature in an ITV documentary about his stand-up retirement Comedi...