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Britse man, 70, dies inside Thai massage parlour during a session

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Britse man, 70, dies inside massage parlour in Thai beach resort after he started gasping while being rubbed with oil halfway through his sessionThe traveller had a session at Lovely Massage parlour with masseuse Mi...

Ice cream parlour worker floors robber as he tries to hold up cashier

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N-ice work! Moment ice cream parlour worker floors armed robber with a CHAIR as he tries to hold up cashier in BrazilThe scuffle took place in Brusque city, in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina Worker battered a ...

Dessert parlour owner praised for hilarious responses to reviews

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'Savage' dessert parlour owner wins praise for his hilarious responses to grumbling JustEat reviewsMasam Ali, owner of Shuga Daddy in Paisley, told one reviewer 'dry your tears' He told one customer to order food 'f...