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Man gets stuck 40ft up tree while trying to catch his missing PARROT

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Moment man gets stuck 40ft up tree and had to be rescued by firefighters while trying to catch his missing PARROT which flew off when it got spooked by seagullsChris Merrit, from Brighton, was trying to train his mac...

Fire crews race to save woman stuck in a tree trying to rescue PARROT 

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Fire crews race to save woman after she gets stuck in a tree trying to rescue her PARROTFour fire crews rescued a woman stuck up a tree in Woodlands Edge, Trowbridge The woman had been trying to retrieve her escaped ...

Parrot captures the moment it steals a family’s GoPro from balcony

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In-flight movie! Thieving parrot steals Go-Pro and films its soaring getaway before trying to eat the cameraCheeky kea parrot steals GoPro and catches everything on camera Verheul family, from New Zealand, were visit...

Parrot plays peekaboo with CCTV camera on a Brazilian motorway

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Bird's eye view! Parrot plays peekaboo with CCTV camera operators on a Brazilian motorwayVideo shows the turquoise-fronted Amazon parrot on the motorway in Curitiba The footage was shared on Twitter where it has had ...

Parrot escaped and flew to London and now makes Tube announcements

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Mind the flap! Escaped two-year-old African Grey parrot is found 20 miles away in Waterloo Station after two days and now won't stop making Tube announcementsTwo-year-old parrot Grey went on a holiday to London from ...

Sky the man-hating parrot returned to her owners

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Sky the man-hating parrot who squawks 'come on!' moments before she bites their fingers is returned to her owners after proving too much for burglars who stole herThe 20-year-old parrot called Sky disappeared after a...

Women reveals parrot Chanel who went missing last year escapes AGAIN

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Not again, Chanel! Woman who went viral after live-streaming desperate hunt for her missing PARROT breaks down in tears as she tells This Morning her beloved bird who is more like a 'fifth child' has escaped AGAINSan...