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Vaccine passports AXED in Northern Ireland but WFH remains

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Vaccine passports AXED in Northern Ireland from MIDDAY: Proof of Covid status to enter bars and restaurants is scrapped while social-distancing ends and clubs can open - but WFH remainsCovid restrictions in Northern ...

What are Covid-19 vaccine passports and how do you get a booster jab?

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Do you need the app to prove you are fully jabbed? What happens if you haven't had a booster? Everything you need to know about Covid passes as new rule comes into force today The final of Boris Johnson's Plan B rule...

Supreme Court backs decision not to allow gender-neutral passports

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Supreme Court backs Government's decision not to allow gender-neutral passports with an 'X' option instead of just male and female categoriesChristie Elan-Cane brought a case to court in a legal fight for 'X' passpor...

COVID vaccine passports triggered rush to get shots

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COVID vaccine passports DO work (at least at making people get the shot!) Threat of being banned from bars and clubs triggered sudden shot uptake among young, study showsCountries that instituted vaccine passports to...

UKHSA boss admits agency WASN’T consulted on vaccine passports

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UKHSA boss admits agency WASN'T consulted on vaccine passports after being asked NINE times in grilling from MPs ahead of crunch vote in CommonsDr Susan Hopkins says she was not 'personally' consulted on No10's Plan ...

Will Plan B and vaccine passports save us from the Omicron variant?

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Will Plan B and the introduction of vaccine passports be enough to stop the spread of Omicron and how worried should we really be about the new Covid-19 variant? Last week The Mail on Sunday answered the burning ques...

Final Friday before vaccine passports

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Final Friday before vaccine passports: Revellers hit the town just days before tough new curbs requiring two jabs for nightclubsPlan B was enacted across England on Friday, bringing in some new measures to curb the s...

Skotse besighede kap Nicola Sturgeon se Covid-entstofpaspoorte

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'Dit is 'n Kersnagmerrie': Skotse ondernemings klap Nicola Sturgeon toe omdat hulle sê Covid-entstofpaspoorte is 'n 'hamerslag' vir die bedryf voor die aankondiging TODAYNicola Sturgeon gaan Covid-entstofpaadjie uitbrei..

Government impact assessment warning on vaccine passports

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Government's OWN assessment warns that 'Plan B' vaccine passports might backfire and fuel Covid surge by pushing people to go to smaller pubs with fewer safeguards after 'unmitigated disaster' rollout in ScotlandVacc...

Man, 23, arrested over sale of NHS vaccine passports to jab refuseniks

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Man, 23, is arrested over sale of NHS vaccine passports to jab refuseniks after 'medical records were altered for £750'Jordan Goodall, 23, was arrested in Oakley, near Basingstoke, over the alleged sale of NHS vaccin...

Welsh Labour government faces battle over plans for Covid passports

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Will Wales go for vaccine passports? Labour government faces battle over plans to follow Scotland with compulsory documents for nightclubs and mass attendance events like rugby internationalsMark Drakeford's Labour n...

Vaccine passports may be required in lots of venues under winter plan

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Vaccine passports could be required in England for nightclubs, music venues, and sports grounds under No10's Covid 'Plan B'Proof of Covid vaccination could be introduced in a wide range of venues It would apply at ni...

Italy makes vaccine passports compulsory for all workers

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Italy makes vaccine passports compulsory for all workers who face fines of 1,500 Euros if they do not complyAll workers in the public and private sectors will have to show 'Green Cards' Italy is the first major Euro...

Covid Passports will be used at 74 football clubs if infections soar

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Covid Passports will be required at 74 football grounds this winter IF infections soar after Government set the threshold at a capacity of just 10,000Covid Passports have been shelved for now, but could return if Cov...

Boris warns Covid passports ‘kept in reservefor winter surge

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Boris warns Covid passports, maskers, and even lockdown should be 'kept in reserve' for winter even though he is 'confident' they won't be needed - as Neil Ferguson backs jabs for under-16s and scientists say UK must '...

Vaccine passports? Ja, say majority of Mail on Sunday readers

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It's a YES to support for vaccine passports: An encounter with anti-vaxxers at his gym convinced BARNEY CALMAN that Covid passports were a necessary evil - and most MoS readers agree with himThousands have been comme...

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