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Drug cuts the risk of COVID-19 patients needing a ventilator by 54%

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Experimental drug cuts the risk of hospitalized COVID-19 patients needing a ventilator by 54%, trial data showLenzilumab is a monoclonal antibody that targets a protein known as granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulat...

LA-hospitale steun vir COVID-19-pasiënte na die Kersfees

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Kalifornië se COVID-krisis na Kersfees: Oorweldigende LA-hospitale steun vir 'n nuwe golf, terwyl personeel vragmotors na geskenkwinkels skuif, met elke pasiënt wat sterf 10 MINUTE - die hoogste sedert die pandemie begin het.

Covid-19 patients are most infectious one day BEFORE symptoms

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Covid-19 patients are most infectious one day BEFORE symptoms appear, study revealsFrench researchers used a computer to predict the change in viral load overtime Found most people develop symptoms seven days after ...

Aspirin ‘does NOT improve survival odds for Covid hospital patients

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Aspirin does NOT improve survival odds for Covid patients in hospital, finds 'disappointing' trial of the cheap blood-thinnerScientists hoped drug would target lung problems and deaths in Covid patients But found 'n...

Now Covid lung drug offers hope to heart patients

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Lung drug used in fight against Covid could soon boost health of patients battling debilitating heart failurePirfenidone was developed to treat breathing problems caused by scar tissue More recently tablets given to ...

NHS hospital patients should get private room ‘by default

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NHS hospital patients should get private room by 'default' to stop infection spread, medical director saysNHS director said rooms offer 'privacy and dignity' and improve infection control Hospitals increased space be...

Proportion of Covid patients needing ventilators has HALVED in London

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Proportion of Covid patients needing ventilators has HALVED since Omicron took off in London as cases head downwards in capital and hospital admission rates slow... but data shows infections are STILL going up in ove...

Vroedvroue het aangesê om nie 'vagina' te sê nie’ om transpasiënte te vermy

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Kraamwaansin! Vroedvroue word aangemoedig om nie die regte woorde vir anatomie te gebruik om transpasiënte te ontstel nie. Moenie 'outydse' terme gebruik om transpasiënte te ontstel nie, verpleegsters aangeraai Gesondheidshoofde in Sussex ...

Virtual biopsies could replace tissue sampling for cancer patients

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'Virtual biopsies' that combine CT scans with ultrasound images could replace invasive tissue sampling for cancer patients, scientists claimBiopsies are given to cancer patients to map out the different cells in tumo...

Die alkoholonttrekkingsyfer onder pasiënte in die hospitaal het gestyg 34%

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Grimmige opkoms van pandemiese alkoholisme: Hospitaal gesien 34% toename in pasiënte wat aan alkoholonttrekkings ly as hulle tydens die COVID-19-krisis opgeneem is vir ander toestande. 'n Nuwe studie het gekyk na pasiënte wat aan al..

DIY drug infusion that halves the risk of relapse for MS patients

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DIY drug infusion that halves the risk of relapse to benefit hundreds of thousands of multiple sclerosis patientsMonthly jab goes into the leg, arm or stomach using device similar to the EpiPen In trials, the drug, c ...

More proof of lab leak? China DELETED samples from earliest patients

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More proof Covid came from a lab leak? China 'DELETED' samples from earliest patients that indicated virus was circulating in Wuhan BEFORE seafood market outbreak in December 2019Dozens of test samples from earliest ...

Antibody cocktail given to Trump to be given to at risk NHS patients

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Life-saving antibody cocktail given to Donald Trump last year will be given to vulnerable NHS patients from next weekSajid Javid heralded Ronapreve as the first treatment specifically for Covid in UK Department for H...

Ivermectin makes ‘no differenceto Covid patientsillness, NICE says

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Ivermectin should NOT be given to NHS Covid patients because it makes 'no difference' to their illness and may even make them worse, new guidance saysIvermectin should not be given to Covid-infected Britons, omdat ...

Cancer patients set to receive tucatinib tumour-melting wonder drug

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Breast cancer patients in Scotland are set to receive tumour-blasting wonder drug that starts working in WEEKS - sparking hopes of a wider rollout for NHS patients across the rest of the UK A breast cancer drug that ...

Special string to help patients suffering painful throat condition

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How eating special string could help sufferers of a painful throat condition which inflames the food pipe by avoiding the need for invasive scansThe new technique was pioneered by experts at the University of Southam...

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