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Pence attacks critical race theory in speech fueling 2024 voci

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Donald Trump vs Mike Pence? Former VP fuels 2024 rumors with speech denouncing critical race theory at conservative college while Mark Meadows says he would 'put all his money' on ex-president running againPence lamb...

Pence departs from Trump, says he was proud to certify election

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Pence unloads on Trump: Former VP says 'nothing more un-American than idea that one person could choose the president' and he'll always be proud of certifying results after Trump rebuked himFormer Vice President Mike...

Trump says he is considering DUMPING Pence for Ron DeSantis in 2024

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Trump says he is considering DUMPING Pence for Ron DeSantis in 2024, calls bitcoin a 'scam' and rages at Mark Zuckerberg for 'telling me I was number one at dinner'Donald Trump told Fox Business' Stuart Varney in a M...

`Clear the Capitol,´ Pence pleaded, timeline of riot shows

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RIVELATO: Mike Pence pleaded with the military to 'clear the Capitol' after rioters stormed the rotunda while Chuck Schumer begged 'we need help' - but it took another HOUR for the Pentagon to send troopsA new Pentag...

Mike Pence signs two-book deal for up to $4MILLION

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Mike Pence signs two-book deal for up to $4MILLION focusing on his years in the White House and his faith - but will he turn on Trump?Former Vice President Mike Pence has signed a $3 milioni a $4 million publishing ...

Former VP Mike Pence embraces Donald Trump’s ‘fraudclaims in op-ed

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Former Vice President Mike Pence embraces Donald Trump's 'fraud' claims in op-ed by pointing to 'significant voting irregularities' as he blasts Democratic election reform and touts efforts to curtail mail-in ballots...

Suo. Tuberville reveals he told Trump danger Pence was in in MAGA riot

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Donald Trump KNEW Mike Pence had been evacuated from MAGA mob BEFORE he tweeted VP 'didn't have courage' to overturn electionDonald Trump sent his tweet blasting Mike Pence for 'lacking courage' to overturn the elect...

Mike Pence arrives for Biden’s inauguration in final split from Trump

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Mike Pence arrives for Joe Biden's inauguration in display of his split from Donald Trump after MAGA mob chanted about HANGING him - even though president thanked him in final speechVice President Mike Pence and seco...

Mike Pence snubs Donald Trump’s Air Force One send-off

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Will ANYONE go to Trump's send off? Mike Pence is latest to snub farewell ceremony after GOP leaders say they'd rather be with Biden and aides are reducing to begging president's enemies to comeVice President Mike Pe...

How Trump berated Pence HOURS before the Capitol was ransacked

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'You can either go down in history as a patriot or a p***y': How Trump berated Pence HOURS before the Capitol riots and demanded he not certify the election result in CongressTrump reportedly called Pence the morning...

Pence meets Trump in the Oval Office for the first time since riots

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Mike Pence meets Donald Trump in the Oval Office for the first time since the MAGA riots where they agreed rioters broke the law and pledged to work for the country during their last days in officeDonald Trump and Mi...

Democrats will force vote tomorrow demanding Pence use 25th Amendment

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ULTIME NOTIZIE: Democrats introduce impeachment article accusing Donald Trump of incitement to insurrection and will force vote tomorrow demanding Mike Pence use the 25th AmendmentHouse met Monday after Wednesday's ri...

Secret Service investigating death threats against Pence by Lin Wood

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The Secret Service is investigating death threats against Vice President Mike Pence made by pro-Trump lawyer Lin WoodLin Wood on Thursday made death threats against Mike Pence Pence has suddenly become a figure of ha...

Mike Pence has NOT ruled out using the 25th Amendment

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Pence has NOT ruled out using the 25th Amendment but fears Trump will do something to 'jeopardize national security' if he does - as it's revealed VP sheltered in bunker with family and heard MAGA mob chanting 'Hang ...

Twitter interrompe "Hang Mike Pence’ trend

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Twitter finalmente interviene per fermare le tendenze di "Hang Mike Pence" - poche ore dopo aver bandito Donald Trump per "incitamento alla violenza" La frase era di tendenza nelle prime ore del sabato, dopo che Twitter ha vietato definitivamente.

'Dopo tutto quello che ho fatto per Trump.’ Quello che ha detto Mike Pence a Capitol

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'Dopo tutto quello che ho fatto per Trump': Quello che Pence ha detto all'alleato del Senato James Inhofe dopo che il presidente lo ha minacciato e inviato la marmaglia al Congresso dove hanno cantato "dov'è Mike Pence" e hanno inseguito le sale in cerca di lui ...