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Medieval pendant is one millionth find since 1996 Treasure Act

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One in a MILLION! Medieval pendant dug up in Lincolnshire field is the one millionth archaeological find by the public in 25 years of the Treasure ActThe copper pendant was found in a Lincolnshire field in October W...

Ivory pendant made from MAMMOTH bone that is 41,500 years old is found

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Ancient bling! 41,500-year-old decorated ivory pendant made from MAMMOTH bone is discovered in a cave in Poland and may be the earliest known example of ornate jewellery in Eurasia, study claimsThe stunning pendant w...

Rihanna accused of ‘cultural appropriationfor wearing Hindu pendant

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'It's disrespectful to our religion': Rihanna is accused of 'cultural appropriation' for wearing a pendant of Hindu god Ganesha in topless photoThe musician, 32, sparked outrage after uploading a racy image of hersel...