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Pensioner’s house incinerated by stray Bonfire Night firework

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Pensioenaris, 75, 'loses everything' after stray firework landed in her garden and set fire to rattan furniture before spreading to her downstairsPauline Perry, 75, saw her home - in Norris Green, Liverpool - consumed b...

Pensioners spend more than eight hours playing video games every week

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Why OAPs love Gran Theft Auto... Pensioners are spending more than eight hours playing video games every weekPensioners are spending more than eight hours playing video games every week Candy Crush was the top game a...

Armed thugs kick their way into pensioner’s home

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Moment two thugs armed with an axe and a knife kicked their way into pensioner's home after they found out he'd won £4,200 days earlierDavid Evans, 40, and Jamie Percival, 33, stormed the house in North Tyneside They...

Talle kunstenaarspaar tronkstraf opgelê vir die steel van £ 650 000 deur verkoelende pensioenarisse

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Talle kunstenaarspaar word tronkstraf opgelê omdat hulle £ 650,000 gesteel het deur verkoelende pensioentrekkers wat voorgee dat hulle prokureurs is wat vergoeding bied vir beleggings in tydaandeel..

Op die foto: Pensioners caught with £24,000 of cocaine

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Op die foto: Two pensioners, 67 en 65, caught with £24,000 of cocaine and £51,000 cash in suburban home as they are jailed for admitting smuggling the class A drug to 'repay son's debts'Helen Wright carried out the cri...

Pensioner’s headless body was found in woods by family walking a dog

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Pensioner's headless body was found in woods by family walking their dog after 'murderer, 36, bestuur 250 miles to dump 67-year-old's corpse'Malaysian national Mee Kuen Chong was reported missing on June 11 The 67-year...

Poorest pensioners should get £500 to keep them warm, charity says

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Poorest pensioners should get £500 extra to keep them warm over winter, charity saysAge UK has said that lower income OAPs need at least £500 to stay afloat Energy prices are due to rise in April and could be pushed ...

Pensioners denied a free TV licence warned by BBC enforcers

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As furious pensioners denied a free TV licence vow they'll NEVER pay - BBC enforcers send an alarming warning... if you're out, WE'LL BE BACK!We have been overwhelmed with emails and letters from over-75s who refuse ...

Diamond fraudster swindled more than 100 pensioners out of £2.5m

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Diamond fraudster, 48, who swindled more than 100 elderly investors out of £2.5million by convincing them to plough their life savings into jewels in boiler room scam is jailed for three yearsDavid Shivmangal played ...

Pensioners reveal price of abandoning the triple-lock pledge

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'Triple lock might have added £7, hardly a king's ransom': Furious pensioners reveal bitter price of abandoning the pensions pledgeThe Government will adopt a double lock – the higher of inflation or 2.5 per cent Ia...

IAN GALLAGHER: Village where 30 pensioners cling on amid rubble

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IAN GALLAGHER: Defenceless village where 30 pensioners cling on amid rubble - and minutes after we leave, the Russian shells rain down Life passes slowly in Shevchenkove. The fluctuating price of grain tends to domin...

Pensioner’s secret stash of rare Anglo Saxon coins sells for £185,000

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Pensioner's secret stash of rare Anglo Saxon coins sells for £185,000: Late collector, 72, who lived in caravan had amassed hidden haul over his lifetime - insluitend 1066 penny minted for King Harold II before the Ba...

Betrayal of trust: Salesmen leave pensioners facing crippling costs

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Betrayal of trust: Salesmen claimed to help pensioners shield their wealth from care costs... In fact they've left thousands facing crippling costsUnregulated firms pushing homeowners to put property and cash into tr...

Pensioner’s escape after ‘drink-driverploughs BMW into her home

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Pensioner’s lucky escape as ‘drink-driver’, 67, ploughs his BMW into her lounge and demolishes the front of her house in early-evening horror crash67-year-old man arrested on suspicion of drink driving after a car pl...

Inbreker het veroorsaak dat pensioenaris se noodlottige hartaanval by sy huis ingebreek het

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Inbreker word skuldig bevind aan moord op pensioentrekker, 71, wat 'n hartaanval gekry het net minute nadat sy by sy huis ingebreek het William Jackson is verlede jaar bewusteloos by sy huis in Tyne and Wear gevind. Mnr Jackson het ingegaan...

This was the budget that literally leaves pensioners out in the cold

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VICTORIA BISCHOFF: This was the budget that literally leaves pensioners out in the cold... and young families will feel the pinch, too Family finances are being pushed to breaking point. A perfect storm of relentless...

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