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Trans swimmer Lia Thomas says she doesn’t need ‘anyone’s permission

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'I didn't transition for an advantage, I transitioned to be my authentic self': Trans swimmer Lia Thomas shrugs off doctors who confirm she DOES have unfair physical advantage - as she reveals hopes to compete in Oly...

Will I get planning permission for a bungalow in my garden?

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I want to build a little bungalow in the large garden of my existing house that I can move into: What are my chances of getting planning permission?There is pressure for planning consents to be given amid a shortage ...

PC who appeared on Nigerian Big Brother without permission keeps job

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Met policewoman 'who had sex' while appearing on Nigerian version of Big Brother without permission is allowed to keep her job as she is given final written warningPC Khafilat Kareem appeared on the Nigerian version ...

Plan om ketels met hittepompe te vervang kan £115BILJOEN kos’ Plan om ketels met hittepompe te vervang kan £115BILJOEN kos

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Plan om ketels met hittepompe te vervang kan £115BILJOEN kos.

Residents ‘mad’ 5G mast without planning permission erected by homes

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Residents 'hopping mad' as 60ft 5G mast is erected outside homes overnight after council gaffe meant nobody told phone network planning permission had been REFUSED (and they are stuck with it now)A 5G mast was built ...

Pub under fire for permission slips to be signed by female partners

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Pub is slammed for 'sexist' permission slips asking women to let their boyfriends, fiancés and husbands out to watch the Six Nations with the boysTown Square Belfast pub has gone under fire for the 'sexist' permissio...

Clarkson is REFUSED planning permission for his Diddly Squat farm

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'It's a very bad day for farming' says Jeremy Clarkson as he is REFUSED planning permission to build a café and a 70-space car park at his Diddly Squat farm despite turning up council meeting to personally plead his ...

The Vardys win planning permission for £3m mansion DRESSING ROOM

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Rebekah and Jamie Vardy win planning permission for a DRESSING ROOM as part of two-storey extension at their £3million mansionRebekah and Jamie Vardy have won planning permission for a dressing room It is part of a ...

Developer must demolish sheep barn that ‘violatesplanning permission

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Eiendomsontwikkelaar, 75, must demolish stone barn he built with windows, cavity wall and a second floor, planners rule, despite owner's claims he intended it for his 11 pet sheepGerard Fuller, 75, had been denied perm...

Twitter bans sharing of private media without person’s permission

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Twitter bans sharing photos and videos of people without their permission and threatens to permanently suspend users who violate the new policyTwitter is banning the sharing of private media on the platform It will r...

Edited image of ‘abusedKate Middleton used without Palace permission

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Doctored image of 'abused' Kate Middleton in domestic violence campaign was used without Palace permissionThe harrowing photograph shows Kate Middleton’s face with cuts and bruises The image was created as part of a ...

Kinders onder 16 sal ouerlike toestemming nodig hê om Facebook te gebruik

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Hoe Australiese kinders onder 16 sal hul ouer se TOESTEMMING nodig hê om by Facebook en Instagram aan te meld onder streng nuwe wetteAustralië stel nuwe privaatheidswette op om kinders en kwesbares te beskerm Nuwe wet sal ...

Botsvlieënier wat Emiliano Sala vermoor het, het 'sonder toestemming gevlieg'’

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Pilot who operated plane that killed footballer Emiliano Sala when it crashed into the sea was flying without owner's permission, court hearsFay Keely said she had said pilot David Ibbotson should not fly her plane a...

Apple Pay gets used by your kids without permission, report suggests

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Confused about mystery transactions on your bank statement? It could be your KIDS! More than half of UK children have used PayPal or Apple Pay to buy online without a parent's permissionCybersecurity firm Panda Secur...

UK’s first gigafactory in Northumberland granted planning permission

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Charging ahead with Britain's battery-making future: UK's first gigafactory in Northumberland granted planning permission with over 5,000 new jobs promisedBritishvolt's plant to be built at 95-hectare former Blyth Po...