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Drone footage captures a whale yawning off the coast of south Perth

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Ever seen a blue whale yawn? See the mesmerising moment creature of the deep opens its jawsDrone vision has captured the rare moment a Blue Whale yawns in Perth waters The footage was filmed over Leeuwin-naturaliste ...

Man’s body found by tradesmen in Royal Perth Hospital car park

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Grisly scene as body of man with injuries to his face is found by construction workers in the car park of a major hospitalA construction crew have stumbled upon a man's body in a hospital car park The man in his 50s ...

A 25-year old Perth fisherman was attacked by great white shark in WA

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'I stared into its soul': Fisherman relives the terrifying moment he came face-to-face with a four-metre great white shark that ripped his leg apart and left him with wounds requiring 100 stitchesSpearfisherman, 25, ...

Perth plunged into a three-day lockdown after ONE local case

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Millions of Western Australians are plunged into a three-day lockdown after TWO local cases of coronavirus with businesses forced to shut and Anzac Day services cancelled Millions of Western Australians have been plu...

A cigar box belonging to Hitler was sold for $29,000 at Perth auction

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'Twisted and grotesque' auction sees Hitler's personal belongings including a $29,000 cigar box and $19,000 hairbrush sold to bidders in AustraliaEight items previously owned by Hitler sold at an auction in Perth on ...